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  1. Hey all, First of all I should thank everyone who posted/had a conversation with me. I feel really confident about doing this now. I need to communicate a few things. The music development vision and process. The business deal. And GL Voyage project timelines. Music in GL needs to express tactics. There are different types of battles in GL. The scenery from level to level is not all that different but the strategy of each level is very much so. So the questions then are, what music do we put to an aggressive fast paced level? What music do we put to a defensive slow paced level? How
  2. Jason Covenant asked me in a PM two very important questions. "I'm curious, who else is on your team? What platform(s) are you pursuing?" I thought I would answer here. I started this game over 10 years ago. War rules of a D&D campaign at one point in time. I started programming it over 5 years ago. I shipped a very early copy of GL on XBLA IG 2 years ago. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Grid-Legion-Deviant-Remix/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802585508b0 I've been busting my chops like crazy since then. Since then the team has grown by a few artists, a level designer, a music guy
  3. This should be working now: gridlegion.com/GL_OCR.rar
  4. I really like the idea of being linked portfolio tracks!
  5. Alright So after a few PMs and the below forum posts I see it might be best to assemble a team and work as a team rather than do the whole contest idea I still like the idea of doing a little contest, but perhaps for an additional 2 tracks once things are already solid. But we'll see as we move forward. Okay so moving forward. I need to communicate creative direction and the business deal that I can offer. I have some ideas on the direction of music which I assume to be best. However before I share my assumptions I'd like to share the GL Voyage setting. In GL you play the role of a conju
  6. This is a really early in dev trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3x4Y5yFelU
  7. Hey! I'm a game developer and I'm looking to collaborate with a few musicians. I'm inspired by systems like Steam's Workshop. Systems that allow game developers, like me, to make a game and then invite anyone on the internet to create a specific asset to be incorporated in game. I've created a strategy card game called Grid Legion, GL. I want to expand on GL's sound track in a big way. I'm looking to have 12 new tracks added to it. Mostly battle themes suitable for a strategy card game. I was thinking, I could create a small series of competitions. Winners will get their music added i
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