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  1. I use EastWest's Quantum Leaps Collection! It's fairly expensive, but it's very high quality. And thanks!
  2. Thanks for your input, (And a lot of it too!!!!)!! I'll be taking it into consideration as I improve my piece, especially when it comes to working with that violin and cello. I'm not really sure if it is a "remix", but I basically took the source, and orchestrated some of my own parts, arranging the piece around that. So, not sure if it "qualifies", but it's what I enjoy doing! Again thanks!
  3. Hey Everyone! I'm hoping no one is confused by the title song, in Super Mario 64 both Dire, Dire Docks and Jolly Roger Bay have the same music. I've done a Re-Orchestration of the song, and I'm hoping to get a little insight and constructive criticism on my piece so far. It's not done yet, obviously, and I believe I still need to add one part (The ending part from the Source song isn't in my version yet). Please be gentle! Remix: https://soundcloud.com/kairi-sawler/direless-docks Source:
  4. New version up and ready for your listening pleasure!! I tried to find a nice Staccato, but was unable to for the Cello, so I added a little reverb, and made it less dry. The overall arrangement has different reverb levels, to try and make them sound more realistic, as well the rain effect was softened to make the song sound less jumbled. I removed the Bendy/whistle Sound throughout the piece as well. I'm not sure if I like it yet. I may still work on the ending, as well as changing around the baseline a little, as it's quite repetitive. During the original part in the middle (now), I removed the sustained Double Bass, and changed it to plucking to give the bass a little flair. Let me know what you all think! https://soundcloud.com/kairi-sawler/symphony-of-storms If anyone's wondering about the link being the same, I simply replaced the sound file on my Soundcloud.
  5. Thanks for the advice!! After fixing up the drone a little, I've started messing around with the leads. I've fixed up the reverb, the violin and cello don't drop off quickly anymore upon switching pitches, and that little reverb ending makes it sounds much more realistic. I'll try to have the rain sort of fade in and out and swell in parts where the melody is hidden, that way it can shine without becoming too overwhelming. I've decided to rearrange the piece some as well, the original part (previously at the end), is now right after the main melody plays just once. The Drone falls out during it, and the main backup staccato violins don't come in until later. As well I removed the "whistle" effects. I'll upload a newer version soon for everyone to listen to.
  6. Hmmm, I understand what you mean. I think I'll give working around the Drone-like Bass some thought. I wanted to convey a dark-yet-calm feel with it, so perhaps I'll try having it drop out in some areas. I'll try to have some swells as well. Thanks!!! As for 21 seconds, it's supposed to be a more Marcato section, however I'll see about just using straight Staccato.
  7. I actually did want it to be a more, ambient, or soft Song of Storms, many are powerful and crazy, but not every storm has to be right? Thanks for the comments though!!
  8. Hey everyone!! Below you'll find the link to my re-orchestration of The Legend of Zelda's Song of Storms. I really like how it came out, and I wanted some insight from anyone on how I could improve at all. Source: Remix: https://soundcloud.com/kairi-sawler/symphony-of-storms It's definitely not done yet, I'm just hoping for a little advice on how to make it better! The first two melodic parts are the standard Song of Storms Melody everyone knows and loves, while the third is my own original composition, which I created to fit with the piece.
  9. Alright, Thanks for your Advice Gario!! I'll try and find some different sounds in different ranges that mix better, without sounding too cluttered. As for the arrangement, I'll definitely try to add a little of my own flair into the mix Thanks for your help!
  10. Nice Remix! However, Around 40 seconds, That back beat gets a little heavy, and sort of hurts the ears a bit. The lead in the begininng, as well as where that bass gets heavier (or sounds heavier) is a little hard to hear, kinda blended into the background.
  11. Hey Everyone! I decided to share my new Remix of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Main theme. It's Techno/electronic So bear with me. https://soundcloud.com/kairi-sawler/skyrim-blodeuyn-chernobyl I'm interested to hear what people think, I tried to stick near the main theme as much as possible, while adding a catchy piece to it. This isn't off a MIDI, It's all from scratch. SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-_g8NZr1tA Thanks! Can't wait to hear what people think!
  12. I did try that Soundfont.. honestly.. the sounds in it sound pretty bad..
  13. Yeah.. I've no idea how to mess with those. XD And most of the song is going to be the standard song anyway, Just put together as a full symphony. As for the instruments not sounding real, I'm honestly fine with that, They sounds pretty good to me, and I know how to work them well, since it's what I use to do Commissions for Original work.
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