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  1. OH GOD NOT SUNVOX! IM NOT TOUCHING THAT THING EVER AGAIN! I'm saving up money for a prosound DMG-01 Chipzel uses Logic Pro X with LSDJ so that's why it sounds much better
  2. For colabing I'm more into Famitracker than LSDJ because emulators never give off a good sound quality. and sending .sav files is pretty complicated
  3. More people can still join if ya' want!
  4. Sure! You can listen to all the music on the bandcamp site! If you do need a link to download though I'd be happy to link you to my dropbox! I do it for fun. The money's cool and all but I just do it for the love of chiptune!
  5. I'm also about to release another album so you'll be able to see my LSDJ stuff soon!
  6. It'd be interesting doing an LSDJ colab. Although my cartrige doesn't cooperate when I want to extract .sav files.
  7. Hi all! I'm pretty new to the chiptune scene and I thought no better way to get myself out there than to do some colabing with some people! All my work can be found here: metatronaut.bandcamp.com I work in LSDJ, Famitracker, FL Studio, and Logic Pro X (occasionally). But mostly LSDJ and Famitracker. PM me if you have questions! -Sam
  8. Someone was going to be paid but I'm on waitlist with Disasterpiece. He has a good deal for pay and he made the brilliant FEZ soundtrack that I absolutely love! So I wont be needing this forum anymore. Thank you!
  9. For those of you who are visiting this thread, I am currently on wait list for disasterpiece. Thank you!
  10. Well, this has been an odd week. My computer died just before the release of our prototype/website so that's not good. But no need to worry because the files are on google drive AND github so the project isn't doomed. I'm keeping on top of the project as hard as I can (that's what she said) but once I get the thing repaired I'll be back on the project! sorry it took so long to reply. No computer problems are gonna get in the way! Because.... yeah! lol but I'm committed to the project (I've been designing it on the library computer.)
  11. In an earlier post I explained how we are creating the website and that we have (was our 3rd) now our 4th prototype in which is the basic design of the first 3 levels. It is undisclosed at the time but when we have the alpha version of world 1 completed (which will be around early august or late july) then we will have footage out. In the meantime, wait for the website and then you'll get much more info than I can present in text.
  12. Well C++ can work on ubuntu, windows, apple, and consoles. As long as you know what you're doing of course!
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