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  1. I'd imagine that pro sound modding a GB should make the output more usable (though I haven't done it myself). How else would artists like Chipzel get such clean tones from them?

    But I'm totally down for working in Famitracker, I hope it's easier to use than Sunvox.


    I'm saving up money for a prosound DMG-01

    Chipzel uses Logic Pro X with LSDJ so that's why it sounds much better

  2. I figured that I would end up bouncing all the clips down to audio and sending them that way anyways. Either that, or use a more accessible tracker like Famitracker, which I'm totally okay with.

    For colabing I'm more into Famitracker than LSDJ because emulators never give off a good sound quality. and sending .sav files is pretty complicated

  3. i'd be interested in some random fun with several people participating, yeah.

    not interested in being ambitious about it from the start. haven't used ft in forever.

    we did an .flp passaround thing ages ago, and while the result sucked as a song it was still great fun.

    Sending you a PM now!

  4. I'm a little busy to collab, but I'd be willing to listen/critique anything you'd send my way. I primarily do fakebit with FL Studio though.


    You can listen to all the music on the bandcamp site!

    If you do need a link to download though I'd be happy to link you to my dropbox! :)

    I do it for fun. The money's cool and all but I just do it for the love of chiptune!

  5. Hi all!

    I'm pretty new to the chiptune scene and I thought no better way to get myself out there than to do some colabing with some people!

    All my work can be found here:

    I work in LSDJ, Famitracker, FL Studio, and Logic Pro X (occasionally). But mostly LSDJ and Famitracker.

    PM me if you have questions!


  6. Just out of curiosity, have you made the deal potable yet? I.e. are you paying people or doing anything from your end to make it worth it for an artist? So far I've seen lots of "we're committed" but not "it'll be worth it for you."

    Someone was going to be paid but I'm on waitlist with Disasterpiece. He has a good deal for pay and he made the brilliant FEZ soundtrack that I absolutely love! So I wont be needing this forum anymore. Thank you!

  7. A sentence alot of people submitting to independent delevopement had heard. I know its highly speculative, but relationships do change after a certain time. A decent Project is nothing that a handful of people make in a few month. Everything you describe sounds more like a raw idea floating high into future visions then being a fully riped concept...

    Convince people with something stronger then just words to join you and good luck!

    Well, this has been an odd week. My computer died just before the release of our prototype/website so that's not good. But no need to worry because the files are on google drive AND github so the project isn't doomed. I'm keeping on top of the project as hard as I can (that's what she said) but once I get the thing repaired I'll be back on the project! sorry it took so long to reply. No computer problems are gonna get in the way! Because.... yeah! lol but I'm committed to the project (I've been designing it on the library computer.)

  8. A sentence alot of people submitting to independent delevopement had heard. I know its highly speculative, but relationships do change after a certain time. A decent Project is nothing that a handful of people make in a few month. Everything you describe sounds more like a raw idea floating high into future visions then being a fully riped concept...

    Convince people with something stronger then just words to join you and good luck!

    In an earlier post I explained how we are creating the website and that we have (was our 3rd) now our 4th prototype in which is the basic design of the first 3 levels. It is undisclosed at the time but when we have the alpha version of world 1 completed (which will be around early august or late july) then we will have footage out. In the meantime, wait for the website and then you'll get much more info than I can present in text. :smile:

  9. To be honest and strict at the same time i have to say that this project comes way to early to even look out for music. There are alot of "first projects" out there vanishing at not even half of the progress.

    Do you want to build a game and add some Music or do you want to build your game based on the music? If the last one is the case you should mention to credit the Musician 100% of the credits length!

    There is a big gameplay puzzle solving area in which you have beat/music puzzles but it's also a platformer. This is exactly why we need music. And me and my partner are extremely commited to this project.

  10. actually, that's more about how the music is implemented. This guy wants a chiptune - as in a chiptune format, hence the famitracker file. Doing it that way means the file with be so much smaller than an audio file, and still sound the same.

    And he probably also wants an mp3 to listen to, as it's more convenient when most oss have some kind of shortcut for listening to mp3, while a .nsf or whatever is more of a niche format.


  11. 1) Tell me a bit about your company. I can't find it anywhere. All I'm seeing is St. James Software, which I'm assuming isn't you because they don't delve into games.

    2) Have you made a game before?

    3) Is anyone on this project getting paid and why/why not?

    4) Why do you need this?

    The reason why you can't find us anywhere is because we haven't created our website yet. This is our first project. And yes, me and my partner are getting paid (hopefully).

  12. That's a pretty heavy workload for something you want for free. I was interested in giving it a shot, but doing 21 songs is hard enough without having the risk that a majority of them will not be used because they weren't "good" (and usually if someone is using a vague term like that as the benchmark for quality, it means trouble). It seems like you're just trying to find a sucker who is somehow talented and wanting, yet not experienced enough to know when he's not getting a good deal out of it.

    And how is an 8 bit track supposed to be "soft" yet "intense" at the same time?

    If you'd like to relax these standards to a reasonable degree, you'll have a much higher chance of getting a high quality chiptune soundtrack, on time, that gamers will enjoy once your game is finished. As it is now - yeah, this has "BAD DEAL" written all over it. Whoever gets this job is going to waste a lot of time and energy.

    it's not going to be free. $4.99 a pop and there will be a 50% off sale during the first 3 days. And not 1 single person is going to work on the soundtrack. It can be multiple people working on the soundtrack songs. Just listen to the songs on the earlier posts and you'll know what I mean.

  13. I'm interested, but I need a little more information:

    1) Does it have to be purely 8-bit? I do a lot of chip stuff but I don't limit myself to a number of sound channels like with Famitracker. Sorry if that's confusing, I can provide an example when I'm not on my phone. EDIT: In these tracks, you can hear a classic 8-bit style, but there isn't any regard to sound requirements (i.e. I used more than 4 sound channels at once).

    2) Does the composer retain rights to the songs?

    3) You mentioned wanting a more laid back style, with a few intense pieces; could you give us examples of the style you're going for? (I know Meteo asked this already but it would be very helpful)

    4) Are you planning on a free release or is this going to be for profit? If so, will there be any discussion of pay for the composer?

    Like I said, I'm getting a good vibe and I want to do this (I can send you some of my work later), but I think there's a few details that need to be laid out first.

    I listened to what you had and I think that TITLE is a good one. It has a good balance of tracks but it kind of seems a bit repetitive. But still very nice. I'd love to use it if possible. You can use as many tracks as you want, and if you don't use famitracker then that's fine. Just send me the base file and let me know which program you used. I want to use songs like Necrophageon's Cast Adrift, and Neon Starlight as well as songs like Fluidvolt's Pallid Underbrush. This will be a "group effort" while you may not get paid, you will get high honors in the credits at the end, or at the credits option on the main menu (I don't know if there will be a main menu though). But you'll have high honors. And yes, you'll have rights to the song. I will not be selling the songs under my name. I will specify where to find the people who made the songs but will not take accountability for the songs. They are yours to do what you want with.

  14. Actual questions that would be relevant:

    1. How many songs are you looking for?

    2. Can you give Youtube examples of what you're looking for?

    3. What does one have to do to become composer for this project?

    4. How far on this project are you guys?

    I had one or two more, but I forgot what they were in a distracting moment as I was typing.

    I'm looking for songs that have a soft yet intense quality as well as some soft and smooth songs.

    I'm looking for at least 25. I've already got 4 down.

    The requirement for a song is that it must be 8 bit.

    There will be a choosing of which songs are good so the 25 or so songs will be evaluated. This game has unique gameplay qualities so I want a unique soundtrack. (Note that the game will be for PC, Mac, and Ubuntu and later on, for next gen consoles like the PS4, XBOX infinity, and possibly the Wii U. The project started in early January but we're pretty far in considering our tight schedules. At this rate, we'll have the entire game done by holiday 2015. (Yes, it's a big project).

  15. Thread moved to recruit&collab.

    Guys, stop trolling the guy. If you don't have anything reasonable to offer, get out of the thread.

    SJSOFT, provide some screenshots or something. A lot of developers drop by with little more than a concept, and most don't get off the ground. Is there a game, or is there just "gonna be" a game?

    You need to provide more information.

    We currently have our 3rd prototype out. Screenshots cannot be disclosed right now. Although I will post some prototype 8bit pictures of the sprites. The project is already close to a 1st level being completed. Once that level is done, I will post a prototype video on you tube :smile: (expect that to be out in late may to mid june!)

  16. Honor. Skryp. Honor. You guys were supposed to be the creators of this language remember?

    Spending time to possibly get my name as a credit sounds pretty cool but it depends on a few things.

    1. How long is said credit list

    2. What is the font of said credit list mentioned in #1

    3. How fast are these credits scrolling

    These should be at the top of everyone's credit negotiation concerns as suggested to me by Zircon. Or actually it might have been a fortune cookie I just had.

    The length of the list will depend on how many software programs, language support, design, etc. Also on the # of people who've submitted the songs.

    Why does the font matter? it's probably going to be is some rustic times new roman/hectilva text

    The credits will run as long as the ending song is. (I expect it to be pretty long)