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  1. On 31/07/2016 at 1:49 AM, Neblix said:

    @Meteo Xavier I think this thread is simply trying to be more substantial than the last one, where it devolved into vstbuzz posting their deal every week. It's more convincing to go for something if a community member/ReMixer actually says "this is really cool instrument that I like and it's super cheap right now" rather than it just being like a weekly deal newsletter from a retailer.


    Hey there! Very sorry about that - I've just had a look and it was pretty much 100% "VSTBuzz deal of the week" in that thread which is not cool. We sort of saw it to be a little bit like the KVR "Bargain Center" thread, but as nobody else was participating it sort of came across as us just spamming which is what we definitely don't want.

    So once again, we're very sorry about this and we won't post anymore updates as it definitely does come across as more than a little bit spammy on our part! Thanks

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