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  1. I've got too much work as it is, but I'm addicted to inquiring further anyway. Any chance you or your composer have any .mid files of these compositions or could rig up the main meat of the non-rhythmic content in the tracks? It would make remixing (for myself and for others) a hell of a lot easier and cut down on time.
  2. Not even close to the best luck ever. I'm not going to go into details, but like everything else in my orbit, it's a lot more complicated, dramatic and pretty much impossible to communicate correctly to others than normal things of its type and trying to elucidate it to others just gives them the wrong idea and impression of what's really going on. For all intents and purposes, it's more like I'm widowed than divorced, except I use Gmail to talk to her instead of a ouija board.
  3. Major clinical depression, insomnia, divorce, dead kid I use for "social currency" whatever that is, misanthrope, vulgarity, projects that just refuse to ever get finished no matter what happens and my dad has cancer. So pretty much the same as it's ever been before COVID-19 except for that last one.
  4. Hi there. For years I have had a small SFC/SNES group called SFCaliber and for years I have wanted to release some SFC/SNES original music under that brand. I think I'm finally in a position to do so, so I'd like to make a call out to any one who has does any original compositions with SFC/SNES instruments to PM me about inclusion into a compilation release. Details: * It's a FREE album, so there is no payment or money exchange of any kind. It's purely for the art and fun of it. I won't be monetizing anything or having ads or backend financing either. For that reason, I am largely asking for tracks anyone has already done and finished so that I'm not asking for free work/effort that hasn't already been done. * Preference towards really "meaty" content - not just 45 second Final Fantasy battle or Super Mario World stage BGM knockoffs. Tracks more than 2:30 in length with some real compositional content and identity is what I'm looking for. They CAN be video-game sounding tracks that loop twice or whatever, but they need to be pretty interesting and long all the same. * Tracks that are 95% or more made up of SNES instruments only, please. Not really interested in hybrids between SNES samples and other chip sounds or commercial samples. Super Audio Cart is fine. * It will be released on my Bandcamp page for free with information specifically crediting each artist for their tracks. I think that's all I have to write on that for now. Please PM me if interested. Thank you!
  5. Hey pisanos. If you ever wanted the guy who was a Sergeant in Vietnam and then a lawyer and THEN scored half of the most memorable and politically incorrect FPS classics of the 90s to teach you how to play a tiny four-string guitar, your wet dream has come true. I'm not personally affiliated with this, I just thought it would be a cool thing to post that no one else was going to post. Going to be this coming Sunday at 3:00PM EST.
  6. I know phat beats, I've heard of phat asses (and FROM them as well, ew), but phat GAMES is a new one on me. What sort of thing is that?
  7. Based on the timeline and the amateurish (though still respectable) production on it - my thoughts are that this is not on an album or by a professional artist (at that time anyway) and that clues for it may be found in any archives for Newgrounds or even Though I'm already on the RPGamer site and do not find such music present.
  8. For anyone who might be interested, The Blind Prophet has been released for Steam and GOG, and other markets like Switch and PS4 consoles to follow, I think. I did the majority of the soundtrack and the 3rd game I've worked on to actually get released. This is a highly visual and artist-driven project using point'n'click adventuring for a 6-8 hour story that goes into some seriously dark and gritty territory. Although I myself am not fully versed on the story or progression (I wouldn't have had time to get into it over the last year), it combines elements of SIN CITY, Boondock Saints, John Constantine and similar as its modus personae. I combined quite a lot of genre elements for my work on the soundtrack including: * Gothic church organ * Heavy, dark, Motoi Sakuraba-style orchestral * Downtempo Trip-Hop * Minimalist Techno * Resident Evil-style dark ambient * Resident Evil-style minimalist score material with more conventional composition and arrangement. * Chrono Cross-style emotional score for one track. * NIN-style Industrial * A parody of Pink Floyd's "Money" that then turns into a much more subtle parody of Steve Hackett's "The Ballad of The Decomposing Man". * One song from my Saturn Icarus album that was licensed/used as a minigame track because it was fun, unexpected, and I ran out of time to produce a brand new track. :P I don't have the soundtrack compiled together as a release yet, I just want to promote the game itself for now. If this kind of thing appeals to you, please visit and
  9. The tracks I was given should have been shared by now. If not, I'll make them available again as I hadn't deleted any. The essential sources thing was something I thought up quite a bit of time ago and I'm prepared to do that as well when availability presents itself again. Best estimate right now is within the next several days.
  10. By announcing that I'm finally back into something close to a "clear" from the last time I've updated, I expect a tree to fall and bisect my house or my septic tank to explode or a stroke to permanently paralyze my entire left side within a week's time as Fate punishes me for choosing to do something art-related like it always does. But that being said, I'm sticking it to Fate and saying I'm in something close to a "clear" and I will be back to active administration work on this project again.
  11. Forums as they have existed in the last decade and more are not on their way out. KVR, GBATemp and even Gamefaqs are still very, very active and I hardly think that is the issue for OCR's lack of engagement. The lack of engagement is here because: 1. Most of the really engaged talent from OCR's history has discovered they don't have to do music for free to get somewhere with their music anymore and thusly don't bother visiting the forums because their friends have moved on as well. 2. The engaged talent that still visits are all old, have kids, diseases and other shit that entropy takes from us all eventually. 3. The other "old guard" still here is less engaged simply because they've been here for 15+ years and no entity would have that same engagement to them for that long. 4. Combining 2 and 3 means that the lifeblood of OCR is moving slower than ever. Remixes, judging, projects and even updates are slower than ever because the only people that have the ins and competence to handle them are 40 years old and have two or three kids and a mortgage on top of a job as well. 5. Youtube and other stuff like it have proven that remixes do not need wait times and judging to get music published and get watches and fans. Even some shitty soundfont "remaster" of video game music can get as many views as the newest remix posted here every other day or so. The "badge" of being of Ocremixer doesn't carry the weight it used to, which is it's own fault because it did such a great job of making others want to become video game music remixers in the first place. It's almost "Seinfeld is Unfunny" from Tvtropes in play here. It's a symptom of the wider problems going on with game music in general on the internet - more stuff becomes available to more people, so the talent pool becomes diluted and spread out. Supply grew exponentially, but not demand. The subject and the nature of the subject itself has fallen behind. And while this was all going on, OCR's answer to it has been very Nintendoan - announcing things like "We're moving X in this direction" when all the entities getting engagement has done that 5-7 years ago. And what did all that incredibly delayed pronouncing get us? Uhhh... removing signatures? Ok? I want to compare it to the Gamecube as if the Gamecube came out and only had two players instead of four and not using memory cards so gamers would have to go back to using passwords for things. I think if OCR wanted to really jump into the 2020 decade, it would probably drop music altogether and rebrand itself as an eSports and game streaming entity of sorts. Game music in general isn't what it was 20 years ago, OCR is definitely affected by that.
  12. Sentiment concur'd. It's like, what, did you think that wasn't going to happen? What planet do you live on? Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here comes that new warning point...
  13. It seems it could do the job I want it to do. The sale is on until after the first week of December (I had to email someone there to get that info) so I got some time to decide.
  14. Highly effective at what, though? I know how to listen to tracks, but with the advent of a lot of new "smart" and AI-based tech for plugins, I'm just not willing to put that much time in that stuff anymore. If it's going to be another thing I have to fuss with for hours to get something passable, I'm not going to bother.
  15. Both an announcement and a question: The former was the announcement. Here is my question. I'm an old man now and I still have a lot of personal audio projects to do. I never wanted to learn anything about mastering as I wanted to trust others and their non-biased ears to make that call, but something like this being $50.00 tempts me and the fact of the matter is that I don't know how much outsourcing mastering I can really afford for the foreseeable future. Time has not been good to me and I want to virtually shit out material for the next little while to get caught up. Has anyone used Ozone 8 and how easy would it be for someone like me who has never done mastering or wanted to learn it would be able to make use of it? Bluntly, I want to know if I can get at least a passable mastering for songs and albums by just clicking a few things, adjusting a few things and calling it good. Yes, I'm intentionally looking for a quick, lazy option here because all the rest of the time I want to pour over it goes into mixing and arrangement. I'm not a young man anymore, I'm extremely clinically depressed and officially mentally ill now, I'm past the point of caring whether everything I do sounds like it came out of a professional studio. If something like this can snap consistency together and get a passable sounding mastering in 30 minutes or so, I'd like to get it. Thank you!