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  1. Meteo Xavier

    Playstation Classic - Announced

    I just meant the PSP would be more worthy a modified console for PS1 stuff than trying to hack something like that. As the PS Classic is on its own, it's a worthy item to have.
  2. Meteo Xavier

    Playstation Classic - Announced

    It'd probably be easier to mod a PSP to do that. That thing is the best PS1 emulator ever made, you can get one cheap and it's relatively easy to mod. I likely won't have a need for a PS Classic, but my mind could easily change under the right circumcisions.
  3. Meteo Xavier

    Playstation Classic - Announced

    Yep. Took Sony long enough to jump on this bandwagon. Says 20 pre-loaded classics or more, but only 5 are advertised for now:
  4. Meteo Xavier

    Zelda OoT has still the infamous chanting

    I've had the Gold cartridge version since it came out (Nintendo Power deal) and I remember the chanting from being stuck in the Fire Cavern for so long. I was more shocked to learn the other versions of this game didn't have that in there. Still am to some degree.
  5. No one said tools don't matter, they just don't matter the way you're arguing here. It's common sense discovered via experience, not romance. Buying a Roland sound canvas sure didn't get me laid at any point in time, that's for damn sure.
  6. Meteo Xavier

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    Talking about success and how to get successful still falls in line and relevance with why one remixes or not. So many trai... err, former remixers who no longer come here do so because their remixing skillz now pay billz, while others still look to find out how to become successful with their own remixes. Both of those things would easily answer why someone would or would not choose to continue remixing.
  7. Sure thing bro. Orchestral tracks are $275.00 per audio minute plus mastering costs and Paypal's fees. Do you prefer a paper invoice or a virtual one?
  8. I refuse to believe professionally made "budget" libraries suck, especially since musicians are more than well known for being zealous about sound quality, since the chaotic nature of composing, arranging and producing eventually mandates that songs will require "that" kind of sound that could be anywhere in anything. I routinely have to deny top-quality samples and instruments in the tracks I'm working on simply because they don't work or flow inside the track I'm working on - this is why I still keep almost ALL the extremely outdated soundfonts and VSTs I had before I got good at this. Sometimes I still need a shitty flute or violin or choir AH sample because that's what turned out to fit the spot I needed filled in. Funny Yoozer mentioned the ancient Roland orchestral card. A few months ago I bought the Roland SRX-06 card so I could have access to the Final Fantasy Tactics and Zelda 64 sounds as needed for my ambitions.
  9. Meteo Xavier

    Capcom Belt Action Collection

    Still great it comes with games most folks haven't had the chance to play, but it also sucks they can't re-release their Punisher, Aliens VS Predator, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs or Dungeons and Dragons brawlers for licensing anymore. I also expected they'd re-release their Final Fight sequels, but no dice on that.
  10. You get around it by focusing on composition, arranging and mixing. Video game composer professionals have had to work with mediocre samples or worse for 20 years and that's still the most beloved era of videogame music, so sample quality is almost sort of a given that it's not what makes the quality of a song most of the time.
  11. Meteo Xavier

    Capcom Belt Action Collection

    I am so jealous of Switch owners right now that I can feel my armpits turning green with envy. They will rot, fall off, and disconnect my arms along with them. Curse you CAPCOM! I will spend the remaining days of my blighted life in constant prayer for the abyss to rise up from the putrid bowels of hell to take you screaming into the devil's nadir! A pox to your exclusive releases! Nay, a miasma!
  12. Meteo Xavier

    Super Mario Flashback

    Ehh, they don't really need to capitalize on much now. They have more than enough in-house talent to do Mario justice. The Sonic franchise is a whole different beast because it seems no true Scotsman can ever get past the 2D Sega Genesis titles.
  13. Meteo Xavier

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    Well, you, apparently, since you seem to identify with it here...
  14. Meteo Xavier

    Super Mario Flashback

    Hold on to your taints, folks, or it will explode with excitement like mine did when I discovered this: Holy unshaven eyeballs, does this game look crazy awesome! This is exactly what I hoped to see in the future of gaming from my heyday in the 90s. I can't wait for this to come out and you shouldn't either! Come join me in his vanguard to launch an attack on the programmers and force them to finish it immediately!* * - No, not really, just hyperbole out of excitement. Here is the demo: