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  1. I had posted a previous version of Saturn Icarus here a long time ago. This version is the full release with additional tracks, additional work on some tracks, and full mastering provided by TOKEE. Saturn Icarus Liner Notes and Credits TRACK 1 - I Become The Machine (Technoverture) TRACK 2 - Rarewhere - (OS Boot Menu - Rev. 17.8.104B) TRACK 3 - Aladdin Continent - (Vector City Skyline) TRACK 4 - Deincarnation - (Cybercop Bust Gone Wrong) TRACK 5 - Comfortably Dumb - (Virtua Gangs Rule The Future Streets) TRACK 6 - Run, Logan, Run! (Android Abomination) TRACK 7 - Almost In The Shell (After Hours At The Neuro Lounge) TRACK 8 - Death and Syntaxes (Infiltrating The City Underground) TRACK 9 - Atlas Lunged - (Forced To Fight In The Mutant Wrestling Ring) TRACK 10 - Neon Tolstoy - (Megacorp Declares War, And I Bring Them War) TRACK 11 - Zoso's Bizarre Advertising Venture (The Back Alley Parts Shop) TRACK 12 - Shower The People You Love With Blood (Final Assault On The Grid Headquarters) TRACK 13 - Psycho Mass - (The Ultimate Showdown With The Omega Brain) TRACK 14 - Appetite For Reconstruction (The Sun Rises Over The Metropolis) TRACK 15 - The Machine Becomes Me (Acceptance, The Destiny In Disguise, Credits) Notes: Wow, this production was a hell of a ride. It was originally done for an old-school FPS throwback called SATURN ICARUS ( and 12 tracks were produced for it. I got paid for the commission (!) but to date, the game is under indefinite hiatus and I don't know what, if anything, may happen to it from there. So with the original creator's permission, I have taken the album, along with some other tracks I had done for other things that never got used, and I made a full Synthwave/Hybrid album out of it. Each track is extremely different from one another and features anything and everything I wanted in it - synths, drum and bass, synths, orchestra, synths, operatic choir, synths, trance, synths, Japanese taiko, synths, metal guitar and, oh yeah, synths. A lot of different sounds and genres used here, but synthwave and 80s sounds form the foundation. I consider this my "Passion" album - inspired directly after Peter Gabriel's "Passion" album which was a soundtrack for Martin Scorscese's "The Last Temptation of Christ" that he went back and did more work on before releasing it as an album. I did the same here. It is available for $5.00 total on Bandcamp and other markets that follow a listing on CDBaby. Thank you and enjoy! Music by 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier. Premade loops and construction kits were used in this production for inspiration and convenience. Mixing by 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier. Mastering by TOKEE. Cover Artwork: Original Illustration by Devine Lu Linvega as it appears on Edited by Meteo Xavier. Used with permission by Devine Lu Linvega. Copyright 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier and 12MX Media, October 2019. Licensed to Mischa for whatever he wants to use it for.
  2. Depression/depersonalization lingers, but I'm making progress in recovery all the same. Some things in my professional (i.e. that which makes money) music world has shifted up some - two long-standing other commissioned work I started on long ago is finished and a third is pretty close to wrapping up (which is good, because the game release date is coming up sooner than I expected. Yikes), which is pretty good for me considering the last two months on my end. I will please ask that you allow me to release the first two music items here in the immediate timeframe as it will, in the long-run, clear my plate off some and allow me to recover the energy needed to back to this one. Thank you for allowing me some breathing room here. I'll have a new status report after a while here.
  3. While I'd had worse Septembers than this, it's not been good. The stress of it got so bad that it fully undid the depression progress I'd made since the second week of August. I spent various parts of the last 8 days unable to sleep and almost paralyzed with fears that can't be rationalized away. I have a moment of clarity now, so before the fear starts back up, I'll give a small update. I had been talking concepts and ideas with Rexy. I'd not gotten as many .WAVs from people as I would've hoped, so I do think we might have to redo some key tracks. I'm personally not wanting to do a whole full soundtrack arrangement, but a sense of balance has to be brought to it, so I will talk with Rexy on how best to achieve it. I'd also been trying to get some ideas for project artwork. I had a great idea, but it turns out to be derivative. I'm not too picky on what the artwork should be for the cover, just needs to look good and make sense with reconciling the themes of the game. Sorry it's not a more positive update, shit's been reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllly fucked on my end as usual. As sanity returns to me, I'll try to get more done on it.
  4. Nothing is eternal and this really doesn't fit in Community anyway.
  5. I grabbed a pirate copy of it so I could look through and see what it is. As I browse it, this is a pretty neat little guide that really keeps it short and to the point with sheet music examples. All it is, though, is just a dictionary of orchestral instruments with good, to the point information on what it does and tips on how to orchestrate it. This thing would not be able to teach you better orchestration, but it DOES give you a lot, lot, lot of info you would need to have to figure out orchestration piece-by-piece. It's like, you're not buying a sandwich here, but you are buying bread, meat, cheese, sauce, etc. For $10, you could do a lot worse with that money than this, just depends on if you need the individual orchestral stuff handy or if you need something to teach you how to really orchestrate.
  6. This depersonalization episode has been lingering and I've not been able to shake it fully. I'm past the parts I need to be concerned about, now I'm just waiting for it to pass entirely. In the meantime I've been slowly trying to gather .WAVs from people and I only have about 8 myself. Rexy might have some others, but we need to get .WAVs in first before we can formulate what to do from there. So send your .WAVs in, folks. I'll keep updating as updates and sanity come in.
  7. I bought that RMX thing they have going on last night for $4. EVERYTHING I've listened to that sounds great and exactly like stuff I can use. Not totally on-topic with the freebies here, but I've been mulling over announcing that deal on here anyway.
  8. Just catching up quick because I know reigniting interest in this album facilitates not going too long between updates here and there. Nothing to update at the moment - I've been busy off my ass, barely getting any sleep, weather and other things getting too far in my way IRL to work on stuff and its culminated now to a small relapse into the clinical depression/depersonalization I've been at since about this time in 2016 which gives me oversensitivity to even the most minimal of emotional subjects as well as a really irrational and involuntary phobia of aging and time moving forward - which is just about the stupidest thing in the world. It'll pass and I'm not too fucked up right now, thankfully, but this little relapse has been a few degrees stronger than some of the others and I'll still need some time working on other things until that passes. So not a great update, I understand, but I also just wanted to chime in something so no one thinks energy or momentum has already stalled or anything. Nope, just the universe deciding to use me as its personal diarrhea outlet once again. It'll be done and over with soon and I can get back on here. Thank you!
  9. New update time. Sorry for the delay on my end everyone, I'm bottlenecked yet again and today has been particularly fucked, but I've got enough to update with all the same. I've gotten some more WAVs from people, I appreciate that and I'll listen to them here soon. I had an ear thing late last week/early this week that made it so audio work was not in my interest, but that has been accomplished and I've downloaded and kept the .WAVs given to me all the same. Finally got to talk to the previous project creator Brandon to see if he would release back to us the .WAVs he had on his end and he was not willing to support the project's revival (to put it mildly), which is what I expected. And as expected, this project will need to see a fairly full "Un"Brand"ing" so we can respect Brandon's wishes and the fair artistic work he put in to start with. This does not mean starting the entire thing from scratch, it just means taking what we can from the previous project attempt, putting a new frame/encapsulation on it, seeing where we need to go to from there. I'm trying to think up some ideas of what to do that with - I've actually spent the last several weeks replaying the game on the DS unrelated to the project here and I am refreshed on the source material, so that helps. So far my best idea is Manifest Obscura, taking after the game's major plot of the big world below being shrouded from knowledge, but I'm not solid on it yet. I'm not doing the "Light and Dark" theme again - that was my last project and it has been done to death. Most likely will need a brand new project thread for it too. So I'll be speaking with Rexy and relevant personnel about that stuff when I can. That's what I got for now. Please keep sending me your .WAVs and let's see where we can go from here!
  10. So far, I've only gotten 1 WAV. Please load them up to a filesharing place of your choice and send them to me via PM please.
  11. Wow, that's some of my best project administration work yet. Just started and already I've got 3 .wav files in. Yes, Rockboi, go ahead and put them somewhere where I can hear it and PM them to me.
  12. Ok, I finally had time and energy to look into the thread here and get my brain started in the process here. I messaged Rexy and I think I'm ready to get'er started.
  13. No reason that should be a problem at all. It's fine by me. I haven't had time to get back to this as I've been buried in work and things I'm behind in, but I plan to do so at my next convenience.
  14. Rexy's awesome, so that's excellent. I'll see about getting to some of the rest of this stuff later in this week as I'm behind on work in other areas, but yes, that's a good start.
  15. Was Technomanga and Don't Fuck Around the same guy? I remember the latter but not the former.