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  1. And here I was, posting half-joking/half-seriously that Square should include our project in the upcoming Collection of Mana game, when someone should come along and do something just as good without having to involve SE and loads of red tape to do it. Puts a smile to my face. Any chance you could share a link to the MSU-whatever page when you put it up and make it available? I want to be able to see it and share it around.
  2. No one else is getting dibs on this news. I'm doing it! I read this and now I need new underwear. And new pants. And a new computer chair. And new carpet and possibly some work done on the foundation of my house because that's how hard I shit myself reading this. ***damn, the Japanese version is even getting Dracula X. Not quite the hard-to-obtain title it used to be, but that alone is going to make import sales go up though I suspect we will have a chance to get it stateside. Hurray and hallelujah!
  3. Hmm, I'm kinda surprised no one responded to this. It actually is a fair question as I've been here for 15 years and I still have to go looking for how to change my signature stuff every time I want to change it, and that process can change as well. 1. Top right of the webpage where you see your chicken picture and "thebitterroost". 2. Click it and go to "account settings" under "settings". 3. Left side of the page in the gray border. "Signature". There you go. Didn't used to be that easy, so I totally respect that you had trouble finding it.
  4. Sonic is definitely derailing the topic here, but it seems rather obvious to me there is an intentional if not fully blatant theme of 90s cringe being injected into the Sonic movie. Gangsta's Paradise? Jim Carrey? A video game movie trying to happen in the real world taking itself somewhat seriously? It's all so incredibly 90s as Sonic itself. Even the dynamics of the trailer reminded me of being in the movie theaters in middle school.
  5. Not quite sure what I was expecting from the Sonic trailer given people's highly exaggerated negative reaction to it (we have wars going on with child soldiers that aren't getting this kind of reaction) but that wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. And I can't hate any video game adaptation that managed to get Jim Carrey as the villain.
  6. ??? They aren't that expensive. Not chump change, but not like hundreds of dollars either.
  7. That's called an "Everdrive and a 4GB miniSD card". C'mon, Nase, no company on Earth would release such a thing officially. It'd be impossible.
  8. Please don't post awesome announcements like this before 7:00PM. My boss says I'm not allowed to nut at work anymore. <:O <:O <:O
  9. While I'm curious about this shirt you had that "died" on you, as it surely wasn't alive or running power beforehand (I hope!) I'd rather dedicate this post to being curious to know if there's any planned updates coming to the apparel scene with the Ocremix brand on it instead. With all the advances in 3D printing and shit, it's criminal that you ain't doing none of it! I want my SD3 Songs of Light and Darkness 3D hoodie!
  10. That's pretty good. I got my first copy of Super Metroid in a lot with Super Mario RPG and Mischief Makers from somewhere in 2001 for like $70 I think. Was 18 years ago this month and now those games and Spring are permanently entwined to me.
  11. Time and fate are nothing but experiments in cruelty via temporal snuff fetish and they should be incinerated from the mind as soon as the will permits. The past, present and future can New Jack Swing on my aged, shriveled nuts. To contribute something more directly on-topic if less deeply profound - the earliest thing I remember buying was the Super Nintendo from the Sevierville K-Mart that is only just now closing for good. I was 8 years old, had somehow saved up enough money with some contribution from my parents to obtain it and walked out with what has proven to be the greatest investment I've ever made for myself. I think somewhere along the way we lost a $20 bill inside the store, but I never heard anything about that afterwards. I still have that Super Nintendo today and its influence on my life cannot be understated.
  12. Based on the 5th one? Seems natural. Dragon Quest V is basically the "Stardust Crusaders" of the series.
  13. I thought there were 40 games?
  14. I didn't know Avien had died. And by remarkable coincidence (and I use the term "coincidence" lightly), for some reason when I brought up Winamp literally right now, the first song loaded into it is Avien's Nouemon mix from Relics of the Chozo. I haven't listened to Relics of the Chozo in at least 5 years, I don't even have that song on this computer, and I know I've used Winamp much, much, much sooner than that. Odd vibrations.
  15. Yes, despite what I said about soundfonts a while back, I still have easy capability to use them and therefore still use them when necessary.