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  1. I don't want to interfere with a community that I'm ultimately not part of, but this topic, here, is probably the best discussion on it and where I wanted to post my opinion. Along with the disagreement others have shared and that this is in important topic, but this is far from a productive take on it, I want to say I felt that she made a lot of, not generalizations, but assumptions about male gamers, and their thought process with these games. She also, while it may not be necessary to the discussion, ignored overall game development. She makes it out like these were games focused on telling a story and that every platform Mario jumped on to save the princess was part of his character arc. Also ignoring limitations of the time, not that I feel she should have started so far in the past, but if your going to, it seems like a good point to explain the limitations. On a side note, I've never been on a forum like this one and a lot of the mechanics are foreign to me. If I've done something that needs correcting, please tell me.