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    Heya. Name's Kody Beard, I grew up in Humboldt TN, America. My two favorite things as a youngster was video-games of all kinds, and music of all kinds. I guess my love for both just kind of fueled my interest and love in game and electronic music. Today, I make a lot of my own tunes.
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  1. I guess I'll start by saying I've never posted here. So hello all. =] I did a jazzy-ish remix/cover of the Soul Calibur 2/3/5 song "Confrontation". Wanted to put it up for review. It's a bit significant for me because 90 percent of my style is electronic in sound, and like 95 percent of my tunes are original compositions. A non-electronic, non-original song is way out of my comfort zone, haha. But I was hoping that if this was decent enough, it could maybe be considered for submission to ocr. Here is the song on youtube: or soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/goophball/goophball-soul-calibur-2?in=goophball/sets/remixes Here is the original for comparison: ANY kind of feedback would be appreciated. I know there's lots of knowledgeable people here. Anything from instrument choice/sound to mixing critique.
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