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  1. Thanks so much, guys It makes me really happy that you like the arrangement. Coming from so many talented people whose mixes I've adored at OCremix for several years, this really means something to me. @ Dan Of course I love tango, why wouldn't I as an accordionist ? I am listening to your Wind Waker Tango right now, will post something later when I finished listening. The thing is I don't own any proper recording equipment (except for normal things like my smartphone ). If you need an accordion for a song, maybe I could rent a mic or recording device somewhere. We also performed a Tango-Medley which I just uploaded. It's compromised of "La Cumparsita", "Hernando's Hideaway" and "Love smiles". You can watch it at @ all I don't know if you're interested, but I did a second arrangement after I finished Gusty Garden. It's not vgm-related, however. I took Jeff Wayne's "Eve of the war" from his musical version of "War of the worlds" and transcribed it. You can watch it here:
  2. Hi everybody, first, I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this in or not, since this technically not really about a remix but about an arrangement. If this thread fits elsewhere, I'd kindly ask the mods to move it to the right forum. Thanks Since I'm new here, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Daniel, I am a 26 years old guy from Germany and I study publishing in Munich. Music is my secondary subject and a big hobby of mine. I've been playing the accordion for 20 years and I began playing piano about three years ago through self-study. I play in an accordion orchestra (yes, such things do exist in Germany ) and for our last concert I did an arrangement of "Gusty Garden Galaxy" from "Super Mario Galaxy". I did it partially by ear and partially by analysing the chord structure. It was my first arrangemet ever and there's certainly room for improvement (I know I didn't get a couple of chords completely right), but nonetheless I am happy how it turned out in the end. Funny enough, OCremix befriended me on YouTube a while ago, probably after having seen the video Anyways, here is the video of our live performance of Gusty Garden. There are some mistakes in there, too, but Gusty Garden isn't that easy to play, actually . I am the blonde guy at the keys in the background (I switch between the accordion and the keyboard depending on the songs' arrangements), close-up at 2:10. I'd be happy to know what you guys think of it . All the best Daniel
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