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  1. I wouldn't necessarily say it's better than Miroslav but it is a nice addition to it. The Miroslav stuff tends to be recorded dry. There is some ambient reverb in these samples which can be a little more natural.

    ewww I find Miroslav to be really poor! It sounds very mushy and cheap and if you look into the NNTXs you can see there's like only 1 or 2 layers in most sounds and they spread one sample over 4 or 5 notes a lot of the time. I'm desperate for something better. I am enjoying the free Comnbinator from Euphonic, it sounds very lifelike.

  2. Well, I always use google, and then I just cut out as much of the almost mandatory static frequencies as I can. If you want, you could also create a jungle soundscape. Nab a night-time sound clip with lots of bug sounds in it. Then just grab some various jungle animal sounds and put them in. You could also mess with panning, giving you more control.

    Ooooor, you could find a nature show or something on youtube and convert it to an mp3.

    Thank you! Unfortunately Google hasn't been good to me on this one :(

    And I have actually tried sampling off some of the David Attenborough shows on Netflix but the audio is always a bit buzzy.

    I'll keep hunting I guess.

  3. BFD2 is the best one I've used for my tastes. The samples are the most raw sounding I could find, and the recording techniques used give them a much more organic sound than other more pristine libraries (like Superior Drummer). Only reason I got into BFD was because there was a big sale for a lite version of it a year or two back ($30), and I couldn't pass that up. I ended up liking the sounds so much that I bought the full version of the flagship BFD2.

    Beware though, you really REALLY need to know how to mix a live recorded kit before getting into this. Superior Drummer and Addictive Drums are much more forgiving (but in my opinion offer much less depth and character).

    BFD Core is my favourite as a Reason user... so super clean and dynamic, I LOVE it!

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