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  1. Great job! Very enjoyable to listen to, and extremely calming as well. I don't think the pretz's review emphasized the mood enough - the atmosphere created is hopeful and much too rare, and I think that it's a wonderful accomplishment. One more thing might've helped, but for me, the difference would've been marginal, because I love what I'm hearing and I'll gladly take it. Looking foward to hearing more from you!

  2. Definitely one of those mixes with fanservice - tons of fun to listen to, especially near the end when things get climactic. I was afraid that a heavy guitar mix of this boss song (Decisive Battle?) from the game would sound similiar to SSH's version - but this one manages to totally craft it's own tone, pace and structure. Very well done - you have me awaiting more from you in the future. 8)

  3. Fantastic. I have been listening to this mix repeatedly for a few days now, and I still love it as much as when I heard it the first time. Awesome work, and very cool use of voices from the game at the end...intelligent and infectious. Hope to hear more of the same soon.

  4. Very early in the thread (Pages 2-4?), I read a bunch of comments on how hard Dr. Wily was in Mega Man 4. Let me tell you how many tries that bastard took.

    Three. :lol:

    Well, not his last form. Took me a minute to figure out what the hell to do, then another few to actually do it right. Asshat.

    But he wasnt the hardest boss ever. No way.

    Asshat. Rofl :D

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