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  1. I'm surprised this didn't come earlier. Way to take the bait. Nice little mix we have here, by the way. Although I did notice the low volume right away, I also noticed the underlying talent behind the progression and flow of the mix. Keep up the good work...we can't get enough piano mixes, right?
  2. Great job! Very enjoyable to listen to, and extremely calming as well. I don't think the pretz's review emphasized the mood enough - the atmosphere created is hopeful and much too rare, and I think that it's a wonderful accomplishment. One more thing might've helped, but for me, the difference would've been marginal, because I love what I'm hearing and I'll gladly take it. Looking foward to hearing more from you!
  3. Definitely one of those mixes with fanservice - tons of fun to listen to, especially near the end when things get climactic. I was afraid that a heavy guitar mix of this boss song (Decisive Battle?) from the game would sound similiar to SSH's version - but this one manages to totally craft it's own tone, pace and structure. Very well done - you have me awaiting more from you in the future.
  4. Much too refined to pass off as another hip-hop remix, this entry is really taking over on my playlist. I can easily say that, for me, this is the best rap remix I've found on this site...amazing work with flow and sincerity - the tone and attitude of the singer is constant and effective, and I hope to hear more of the same soon.
  5. I just finished watching Kingdom of Heaven, and this mix seriously sounds like it could've fit right in...that means that the buildup and release and buildup again are movie-quality...the mix really draws you into its pace, and any piece of music that can do that is, in my books, a success. Keep it up!
  6. Very enjoyable - a 'sweet' mix that could just as easily fit into The Sims (you know, the building music). Although it seems like the judges had some technical concerns with it, I would just like to reinforce the fact that it is a very well done piece of work - one that will be on my playlist for a long time to come. Great Job!
  7. I have been a growing fan of Rueben's ever since his Shenmue mix. THat one mix made me explore his website and pick up on some other excellent pieces, and ever since then I'm always happy whenever I see a new submission from him. This one just adds on top of everything else - excellently done, very engaging and definitely a keeper. Keep up the great work!
  8. Unbelievable. Arguably (certainly in my opinion) the best song to come out of Link's Awakening, Ballad Of The Windfish has been given the royal treatment with this mix. Definitely a wonderful accomplishment, the effort and feeling really shows in the song - can't wait to hear more from the artists.
  9. Fantastic. The piano reminds me of Ambient Gemini (DKC) as much as Aquatic Ambience, which is a very good thing. Very well done DarkeSword, please keep up the great work.
  10. Wow. What an outstanding mix. This is one of those songs where it doesn't take much for everything to sound like crap, but SGX finds a way to make it all work. Incredible to listen to, even repeatedly...I won't be tired of this one for awhile.
  11. Fantastic. I have been listening to this mix repeatedly for a few days now, and I still love it as much as when I heard it the first time. Awesome work, and very cool use of voices from the game at the end...intelligent and infectious. Hope to hear more of the same soon.
  12. Excellent work. I am very impressed by the amount of emotion behind this piece, which I feel comes from both the orignal song and the stellar arrangment. Hope to see much more like this.
  13. Sounds like a real genuine effort to get OCR on the air. Way to go, and the best of luck to ya. Let us know how it goes!
  14. Wow. Props to injury and whoever else was involved with this remix. Taking a great tune and adding original lyrics (which are very well written and excuted, by the way) is a touch that I feel is unique in its style. Very deep and interpretive, this remix goes a long way into adding the 'human' effect to song. Great work!
  15. The big bird thingy in EVO for SNES...if you evolved the wrong way, the damn thing was just too hard to beat...and it wasn't even the final boss!
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