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  1. A friend of mine whose into vintage synthesizers recommended this one to me a while back. http://www.sonicprojects.ch/opxpro2/description.html I tried out the demo version, and very quickly bought the full version. It was around $100 or so, but it's well worth the price. Not just for the "famous", but for lots of cool raw analog sounds. Anyone who likes to tinker with sounds would have fun with this for hours. It's based on the Oberheim OBX and OBXa. Since this is literally the only VST I'm aware of, I was wondering if anyone else here has some that they would like to share.
  2. Lol, I just threw some stuff together on the video and synced it with the keyboard sweeps. Thanks tho Anyway, the guy who wanted it likes it, he just thinks it's a bit too long, he said he wanted it around a minute, I guess I just misunderstood him lol. I suppose the appropriate course of action would be to start just before the lead comes in.
  3. That's very helpful. I'm not great at mixing more than a few tracks. Most of the work I do for other people doesn't require much mixing, and when it does, it's usually getting mixed by someone else. I did some work very recently for a friend's band. They wanted to have some strings added to a few songs for their album.
  4. So I've been a lurker here for a while and I've considered dabbling in a Remix or two when I get the time. Anyway, a friend of mine wants me to compose a short techno piece (1-2mins) for the end of his YouTube videos. I'm personally not into techno (I don't hate, it's just not my thing), but he told me he wanted a "trance" type of beat with a fairly subtle lead. I have no idea what "trance" is, but this was one of the beats in the "trance" bank of my arpeggiators and stuff lol. http://youtu.be/VFIqjnBrPy0 Lead comes at around 1:00
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