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  1. For anyone who was wanting a longer version of this mix I finally got around to it! TimeShock Extra is what I'm calling it, cause it's like an extended more chilled out version with slightly different mastering. Also there is a new ff8 song thrown in for good measure!

    I hope it is what you are looking for :D


    Thanks guys!

    Bummer, the link is broken now. :( This was a well done remix too!

  2. I know this is a little old now, but...

    Interesting remix. A fun one, and I can tell you had fun making it.

    A little too much electro buzzing, so not really my taste. But it was interesting enough to get me to comment on it out of the hundreds of remixes I've been previewing on OC Remix. Any ways, thanks for giving us something a little different to experience. :)

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