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  1. You might remember the thread I made a month ago, about my Naruto arrangements. Well things didn't work out (recording problems, light injury in the left hand), but now it's finally done, so here is the first one: the other ones will be uploaded the rest of this week, each day one, so if you're interested subscribe/come back to the channel once every day/at the end of the week/etc.. these will also be posted on my facebook page if you prefer to going that route: https://www.facebook.com/DrJekyllMrHeil again, if you know other/better places to post about this please tell me.
  2. So, I wrote some (up to 6 now, maybe one or two more will come along) naruto shippuuden arrangements for piano and plan on "releasing" them on the 8th of december (will be recording on the 7th if all goes well) on youtube (sheet music as pdf, probably on mediafire or something similar) (/announcement) Now I'd have 2 questions that the naruto fans here hopefully can answer. 1. Are there any sites where I should "announce" this once it's on youtube? (a thread here, or other forums etc.) and, 2.Will I be killed by an angry mob if I write somewhere that I don't actually watch it? (saw maybe 20 epi
  3. Hi, this topic has been bugging me a lot lately. Officially, if I'd arrange a piece and made the arrangement public (let's say, recording+sheet music, but non-commercial), and the owner of the copyright would be pissed off about it, or smell money or something, he/she(/the company) could sue. (if that isn't the case please tell me so) Now, of course most composers are happy about arrangements of their music, (nobuo uematsu, austin wintory etc.) and post them on their social media, but isn't there a possibility that if the game developer company holds the rights (and/or the composer is very evi
  4. I'd love to! I didn't play anything too jazz-y in some time, so this is a very welcome extra variety in my music. ...I'll need the chords (or sheet music) though, I'm not good at playing by ear. (and maybe stems, one for the guitar, one for the drums, so i can focus on each seperately if need be)
  5. for pretty much all genres. I chose "somewhat professional", because I'm not a studio bass player, but i practiced a good amount of time to become one (but chose not to after trying a bit of studio playing, because it wouldn't be fun for me as an everyday job) recording gear is a t-rex squeezer stopmbox (compressor) and an aguilar tone hammer stompbox (preamp) into a focusrite saffire 6 usb, with 2 no-name basses ran through (one of them being a slightly modified very nice sounding 70s jazz-bass replica) there are some things that i can't play (at least right now), e.g. faster than 140 bpm con
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