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    Appocalypse LLC is a mobile game development studio based out of Orlando, FL. We specialize in games for iOS.

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  1. Greetings, Everyone. We would like to thank you all for your wonderful contributions. You have proven OC Remix still has the best music community that a game developer can reach out to. That said, we received an exceptional submission from Nutritious, and have selected him for the position. We hope that you will support his latest work, and look forward to the opportunity to work with you all again soon.
  2. Check your inbox, you should have a response now. Yes, collaboration is possible, though one artist is preferable. We also hope to find artists we can call on for other projects in the future.
  3. At ease, Meteo! Rest assured, we have your email, but just didn't get a chance to respond yesterday. We'll be catching up on all of our messages and submissions later today, so keep an eye out for the information you requested. As for everyone, thank you once again for your submissions and interest.
  4. It's not too late at all, Zoltan. We're still polishing the app, so there is no need to rush. Since this is just to apply, don't feel obligated to invest too much of your time. Nutritious, we are taking a flexible approach with the selected artist(s). We're looking for sound that really brings the art style to life. Music doesn't have to be anything long or elaborate, and while custom music/sfx are always nice, we will accept stock assets you might have made if they fit the game right. Basically, we'll review the submissions and say "we want you to organize the sounds and flesh this out", or "can we get two more 45sec tracks from you" and just pay everyone accordingly. The total assets we're looking for are: one song for the menus one song for gameplay, possibly 6 (one for each difficulty) if there are multiple great submissions sfx for the menus (touch object, slide object, object appear, object disappear) sfx for the game (bomb appear, defuse, detonate, score bump, grade up, color shift, bomb power up Of course, we have more information to share, but this should be enough to give you an idea of the scope of the work. If you have a standard rate, please include it with your submission, along with any details you want to share about the work. For example, if you look at the Space Invaders video, each level has different music and sound effects that compliment the music. That would be an interesting creative touch that we are willing to entertain.
  5. Thank you for your interest and positive feedback, everyone. The Appocalypse looks forward to your submissions! As XPRT stated, OCRemix is an excellent community for music resources, and as a longtime listener, it is very exciting to present this opportunity to the many talented artists here.
  6. OVERCLOCKED REMIX! The Appocalypse is here! Want to contribute to one of the sleekest upcoming iOS games? We're looking for a talented sound designer to bring our new explosive title to life! About Neon Blast: Neon Blast is a reflexive arcade-style game along the lines of Fruit Ninja and Super Hexagon, though it is more dynamic and falls somewhere between the two in terms of difficulty. Bombs of various types appear on the screen and detonate after a set amount of time. Each type has different properties that affect how the player can defuse it. Additionally, each bomb has a color. The player must rotate the actual phone so that the line matching the color they want to defuse is on the bottom (the video does not show this, but this is what is happening when the line on the edge pulses). The player unlocks higher difficulties by achieving a high grade in each level. If you are interested in playing a beta build of the game, we can arrange for that. Just send us your iPhone's UUID. How to apply: We've provided a sample video of Neon Blast. Make an audio track for it to show us your style for music and sound. You can choose any portion of the video you want, or even the whole thing. Since it's just an application, you don't have to create new assets - just give us an idea of the kind of product you can deliver. Send a download link to your dubbed video to: info@appocalypsemobile.com. Resources Neon Blast Sound Design Template: Download Check out these videos for some ideas of what we're looking for:
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