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  1. We don't have an official place to list things like that yet (we only list composers of games that have remixes on the site), but feel free to add it to your signature.

  2. Ah, yes I did get that email. Okay thanks!

    One other question, where do I go to post how many games/remixes/albums I've written for? I've written for 2 games, currently writing for 2 more.

  3. You should have received an automated email confirming your submission - may need to check your spam folder if you didn't receive it. But I have double-checked and we have received your submission. Our judging process is a bit backed up so it will be several months before we get to it, but we will get to it!

  4. Hi Palpable,

    I had submitted a track entitled "The Seven Wise Men Shot First" three weeks ago today, but it no rejection letter, and it never appeared onsite. I just sent it again, but wanted to make sure it had been received. Here's to hoping y'all like Zelda :P

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