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    Malcolm Starchild, C.E.O 4tha3rdtime Production/Global Marketing & Promotion*, On the personal side I was born and raised in Chicago, I have 3 kids; Mary 33, Kendra 24 & Asare 23 (pronounced Uh-sa-ree), and 3 beautiful grandchildren. 4tha3rdtime* Production is a new EDM label out of Chicago…..New release coming soon form Nature Love, Dovie Cote', Harold Brandon, DJ Interlude,DJ Quad IN BLUEBLACKNESS.*I'm on OverClocker Remix for business and social interaction, so feel free to drop me a line if you're a positive person.
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    C.E.O 4tha3rdtime Production/Global Marketing & Promotion K Klassik & TecSoul Deep
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  1. DJ Quad IBB - See So Say Strings & Sounds 2016 updated re-do of a track I did 28 yrs ago, my attempt back then to sound like the big wigs of house music using a casio cz1, roland 727, a roland tr626 also as a sequencer (LOLOLOL!!!), and a host of Yamaha cheezy pss 680 keyboards with I think a real keyboard at the time.....laugh and as always, enjoy! P.S. some djs that knew me back then, already have the orig copy of this ! See So Say Strings & Sounds Soundcould Link
  2. Playback42 " Will That Be all ???” Enjoy The track below Will That Be All??? Soundcould Link
  3. Playback42 " Will That Be all ???” Enjoy The track below ! Will That Be All??? Soundcould Link
  4. Go on a musical journey with D.Millz -“READY TO GO“ EP D.Millz - Itunes D.Millz - Traxsource D.Millz - Social Media D.Millz - Web Page D.Millz - Facebook Page D.Millz - Reverbnation Page
  5. Go on a musical journey with CattBoxxe EP CatteBoxx EP -Traxsouce CattBoxxe EP - ITunes DJ Quad IN BLUEBLACKNESS Social Media
  6. Chicago producer Donnie Tempo delivers another solid old school EP of Chicago House & Techno jamz for moreaboutmusic. Listen & Go on a journey with Donnie Tempo Donnie Tempo - Switch Burnt EP Soundcloud Page Donnie Tempo - Switch Burnt EP CLONE.NL Page Donnie Tempo Social Media 4tha3rdtime Facebook Page 4tha3rdtime Twitter Page 4tha3rdtime Myspace Page
  7. Clubhouse Classic brings back the obscure “The Groove (2014)” by Da Posse (Hula, K.Fingers, Martell, & Maurice) produced & written by Hula Mahone of the Outthere Brothers. Originally released on Future Records which then became Clubhouse Records. The Groove (2014) A phat bass driven Chicago acid track that still rocks today. As a added Bonus check the Slow-House version sure to make any early set move. Another fine piece of powerful dance music history back in the spot light! Listen & Go on a journey with the da posse da Posse - Traxsource Page
  8. Listen & Go on a journey with K'Alexi ! 12-K Alexi Shelby-And I'm - Gmnlp01- Soundclound Page
  9. Following on from the phenomenal success of 'The Dancer' K-Alexi is back on his own K Klassik label with 'Acid King' - a no nonsense late night acid house rumbler, with vocals from K' Alexi showing just why his voice & style has stood above the rest as the true Acid King. No shortage of heavyweights on the remix front either, with a stellar cast including Grammy Award winner Maurice Joshua, Joe Smooth, Stretch Sylvester Terry Farley & Cabana Recordings honcho Justin Imperiale, each taking Acid King into different areas of the dancefloor. It's not just epic it's K Klassik Baby! Social Media K'Alexi Twitter Page K'Alexi Discog Page K'Alexi Mixcloud Page Listen & Buy ACID KING - Soundclound TecSoul Deep - Beatport Page TecSoul Deep - Traxsource Page TecSoul Deep - Stompy Page
  10. 4tha3rdtime Youtube Channel Listen & Buy 4tha3rdtime Soundcloud Page Beatport Page Traxsource Page
  11. Preview Listen & Buy 4tha3rdtime Soundcloud Page Bangtraction EP on Beatport Bangtraction Ep on Ttraxsource
  12. BANGTRACTION, the first EP drop from '4tha3rdtime' does exactly as the title states and this track set its off. Produced by D.S.H very own, "DJ Interlude ", 'Sax in the House'is a head clincher and comes fully equipped with melodic saxophone riffs, electronically swaying back and forth between retro-jazz funk pushing bass coils to tri-dimensional depths. The 2nd song, produced by “DJ Quad IN BLUEBLACKNESS”, called the “ ATLANTIC 22 (A Guy Called 808 mix)”, flirts with an updated Swahili-version of the classic 1989 original release of the song “Pacific State”, paying homage to the original group “808 State”, with “A Guy Called Gerald” as the remixer! Fasten your seat belts, this track is taking flight with a very haunted sax and world-Trans-Atlantic strings!! Last but not least and also produced by " DJ Quad IBB " is a “Freek Of Fusion”...LOLOL, literally! Driving on this track will no doubt get you there in no time! Beginning with arpaggiated synth effects, forces one to move faster on the expressway, as if shifting to “auto-bahn” mode!! Yes, take the nearest mental express vehicle and ride with this one. This instrumental EP will take you to places forgotten in time and will cross oceans beyond sight. Check your favorite online music store " Bangtraction EP " 4tha3rdtime Soundcloud Page Bangtraction EP on Beatport Bangtraction Ep on Ttraxsource