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  1. thanks for response! yea, i was trying to keep it fairly repetative for a deep house kind of vibe, but could probably do with some risers and variety on the drum patterns. i think i should go back to this and make those changes. i'm also a little displeased with the mixing/mastering i'm never happy with that.
  2. Very excellent steam punk vibe going on. Sounds like Aphex Twin and Vangelis collaborated to rewrite the Bladerunner soundtrack. I like the overall production and the satisfying equalisation on that fizzy snare, sounds warm and fuzzy.
  3. Anybody heard this Dark0 dude's cover of the FF7 Shinra Theme? http://youtu.be/5qU0TpAr9Xw It's pretty cool. Kinda trap influenced. The rest of his EP is even better, imo. Very ethereal, video game influenced Grime instrumentals.
  4. Recently completed new track. A cross between funky house and chiptune. Kinda reminds me of classic Commodore 64 top down space shooters. Hope you like! http://xhaus.bandcamp.com/track/crystal-base
  5. Hi all! long time frequenter to the website, first time posting in forums. I'm working on a project atm, kind of punk/ska novelty act called xJiMMYCOREKiLLx (british users may or may not remember Jimmy Corkhill, an amusing comic relief character from scouse soap opera Brookside). We're writing music from the perspective of Jimmy Corkhill and just trying to have a bit of fun. This track I'm working on follows the premise that Jimmy goes on a caravan holiday to Talacre, Wales with his partner, Jackie. After mixing up his anti-depressant pills with psychoactive narcotics, he visits the local video game arcade then subsequently finds himself being sucked into the arcade machines. There are no vocals, yet, but there are plenty of 8bit arp melodies etc... I'm using Basic64 plug in for the 8bit stuff atm, I'd love a critique of those parts in particular, and maybe if anyone can recommend other lovely 8bit VST plugins, that would be great. The track is called "2.0 Weeks in Talacre". Here's the current mix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/52cj0bvrdqsmzxo/2.0.mp3 and also our soundcloud page, it's really silly: https://soundcloud.com/#xjimmycorekillx HELLO AGAIN ALL!!!
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