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  1. Yar, I'm actually a working engineer from nashville. As far as technical knowledge, I have plenty. My mixing environment isn't ideal, though, so it comes down to a lot of trial and error, unfortunately. I was offering mixes as I was testing them on various devices/environments, while also trying to decide exactly how I wanted the song to go. I really appreciate the sentiments. I'm considering trying to tackle a full Chrono Trigger album, including the untouched tracks from the OST. This was my first remix, ever. Have some stuff I've been writing for solo projects, but nothing even close to ready (I can't write lyrics for crap). Unfortunately, when it comes to the creative side of things, I struggle greatly. Often times, I have to play around until I find something that makes me swoon.
  2. Made some final revisions. Going to submit it now. I'm pretty happy with where it is right now. Thanks again for all the input. Gonna pull the link down in the OP so that the submission will be as much a surprise as possible.
  3. Uploading revised version as I type this. Should be up in about 10 min or so. Same link in OP should still work for the new version. Cut out once through each section, added some sound effects, killed the reversed sample layered on the snare, tried to widen the stereo image some more, tweaked reverbs in some places and re-eq'd the lead synth. I'm pretty cemented to the sound I have for the lead synth, however, because nothing else I've come up w/ has really fit w/ the mood that I am trying to portray. As I was making this, I kept imagining a huge ceremonial room inside a stone temple in the middle of a jungle. That's the image I want the listener to feel when he's listening to it. Thanks again for everyone's criticisms. I enjoy a forum where one can ask for honest opinions, and no one is malicious in what they say. With that said, I've decided that this will be the song structure for the final version I submit. I still want more critiques, though.
  4. The percussion was not synthesized at all. It was all samples and timed hard, but not synthesized. The snare hit, however, is pretty heavily edited, which might be why you think it sounds synthesized.
  5. Thanks for the critique. I feel the same way, there's something else I need to do with it. Gonna be on hold for a few days, though, as I'm currently 13 hours from home. Appreciate the input.
  6. Yes, I know it has been remixed probably more than any other song from any other game, but with good reason... This is my first remix ever, and I tried to take a drastically different approach than anyone else. I still have some things I want to do with it before I submit it, but I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks. Link Removed. Submitting