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  1. Okay, pick a pattern you want it to start on, and right click the tempo once the pattern is high-lighted... then click Edit Events, and it's kinda straight forward from here (* the upper left area would of the whole screen helps a lot, it tells % and stuff) you can just repeat that with any knob in FL enjoy
  2. i could be an asshole and tell you to go to the link section, but it won't hurt my relatively short life to say this: Hammer Sound (pretty good amount of stuff, many diff. formats though) The Sound Site(excellent amount of soundfonts and soundbanks, can only d/l one at a time which's a bitch, plus the d/l's aren't really that fast, even on my cable) Enjoy... this actually brings up another question i have.. i've downloaded soundbanks before, now how do i get different instruments out of them!? (i bolded because my questions are rarely seen when attached to other replies)
  3. okay, i get exactly what you're saying now... but i don't know how to do that, i'm still relativaly new to FL, i've only used it since like january... thanks a bunch! (just in case, for other people, i have that question three posts up, just in case you missed it...)
  4. so then i'd put the two songs together, sort of layer them??? cause if that's the case that's a bit much.... for a snare... there must be an easier way, and if not, oh well.... thanks anyway Now I have a diff. If you've been to the WIP:OCR section, you saw this coming... I have a mario song, and I have .wav files (mainly sfx from mario) and i need to know how to put them into the song... i go to file/import/beat to slice, import the file, blah blah blah... but i can't find it, and need help with that
  5. Okay, maybe i'm not fully understanding this... but if i'm in the middle of a song, and i wanna double a snare, i'm not going to bring the tempo of the song to double it's speed, JUST for a snare.... you know
  6. Okay, I kinda already asked this, and I couldn't tell if anybody was replying to me, and I was really confused, so I will ask again... (if you answered this already, sorry) Okay.... with the Fruity Phaser, you know how it's normal, and then goes into the filtered-ish phased mode.... well, is there a way to keep it in that filtered phased mode until I wanted to... like for techno, say percussion (it's done a lot, I've noticed) and also... How do I double an instrument temporarily, like for a fill with a snare for techno... how it's usually doubled like at the last moment.... you know (It'd help if these could all not involve the piano roll, for the piano roll is retarded on my computer and freezes either my computer or just fruity loops when it's ever up, so I can't use that.... but if anybody could help with that I'd be more than willing to be a sex slave, heck, I'm desperate, female or male... )
  7. I'm SO confused... i have 3.5.6 (suttin like that) and also, Jonodude, do u have AIM or AOL, it'd be easier for me to explain if we were to communicate through that...
  8. i'm assuming there's no way to do this without the piano roll? my comp doesn't work with it, every time i bring it up it freezes either just fruity loops, or my whole comp
  9. Now i have a quick question (that didn't last long) how do u keep the filtered effect on, and how can u do what u said... about bringing things into songs and stuff and also... how do u double an instrument... like say a snare for a build up commonly found in techno and stuff, how would i double it!?
  10. Yes, in FL it's called I think Fruity Phaser, and I use it in like everything i do... you can even control how many phases it goes through, i like to put it to a small amount of phases and it sounds good to use on snares, or hihats in the dance/trance stuff i make.... (finally, i can be on the answering end of this thread!)
  11. Yeah, sorry, rellik i did no that... what i meant by my questionw as, well, i've heard that you can make your own sounds and samples and stuff, so i wanted to do that... and also, i was gonna make a good techno loop, like stuff found in the 3xOS (something like that) section, like the arpeggios and layers and stuff, i need more things like that, and i'm not too good on making my own... so i really either just need more things like that, or just a way to make my own.... does that help?
  12. Okay, i'm sick of being FL retarded... how do i go about making my own loops, sounds, etc.???
  13. No, it's not a demo, i've used soundfonts before, and i've saved with soundfonts before.... i've been through that problem.... okay, so i d/led it off of kazaa, fucking sue me (shit u can! ) but still, it's not like it made FL loose money, i wasn't planning on paying, so either way they weren't gonna get a cent out of me.... and besides, i'm not the first to have done it, so don't put it all on me (and spare me, don't say crap like, "yeah well you tolerate it" or "you didn't help by doing this")
  14. Okay, i've been using FL approximataly four months now, in the beginning i continued my ways that i had with mtv music generator, each pattern in FL was basically one element (Pattern 1 = Kick drumm, Pattern 2 = Snare, Pattern 3 = Hi-hat, etc. throughout) Now, for my last two songs I've had it where Pattern 1 has all instruments playing for the first four beats, Pattern 2 for the next four beats, etc. For the last two songs, I save it, it's fine, but when I go to load it FL either freezes, or just doesn't load everything (instruments missing in FL playback, etc.) What can I do about this so I can edit my songs... P.S. I also, for the past two songs i've had this problem with, used practically nothing but soundfonts (approx. 15-> 20 or so), could this be the source of the problem?
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