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  1. I haven't done much in the webdev world, I'm more on the general programming side. Games, apps, etc. I have my GitHub here: https://github.com/electricerger I am working on two websites that I haven't purchased yet and I just opened Django today. My primary languages are Java (including Android) and Python at the moment, but I've been working with Node.js for a little bit and I'm in-cue to learn C/C++ by February. Also I've worked in Linux for about a year now.
  2. Hey, I'm still interested your best shot at reaching me is via something that pings my e-mail or on IRC. However, if you don't think that I'm a good fit for here that's cool, I'd just like to hear it formally. Also awesome work getting the legal on the Mega Man album!
  3. Howdy, I believe that DarkeSword pointed me to make a new thread here. I'm a simple programmer that has been working on some projects recently. I remembered OC Remixes and I was wondering if you could have any use for me? I work in Java and Python right now, but BASH (which is almost done), C++, Ruby, and JavaScript are in cue. From here I don't know how to end this so...hope to hear back...I guess....(I don't frequent forums).
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