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  1. Sephiroth in kingdom heats is a pain.

    Already mentioned but hey he's such a bitch he deserves multiple complaints.

    Another one coming out of Kingdom Hearts, Riku. When you fight him for the second time in Hallow Bastion. I ALWAYS have problems with him.

  2. I downloaded this a looong time ago. It was when I found out about this site but I was just sucking the song off kazaa. A quick listen through gave me a few songs that tasted, well, delicious. This song was one of them.

    The beginning could be a song in itself, but then it 'end's. "awww over already" you say, but then it kicks in with the distortion guitars and personally I get the chills. By the end of the song i want to cry because its just so beautiful.

    Easily one my favorite mixes 30/10

  3. What is this talk of Seymour, Final Fantasy X was the worst for hard bosses. There was none . In fact it was disapointingly easy. Omega weapon was the saddest for me. They took the legend from 8 and made him a sissy. Final Fantasy 12 better be hard. I also want my world map back. It's no fun flying when all you do is stare at a map.

    o yes i forgot about Omega weapon. perhaps becuz i killed him with no problem at all. it took me a while to realize that he was dead becuz it waz so easily done. i agree that none of the bosses provided a challenge. i killed jecht with one hit from tidus :roll:

  4. mmm glad to see this thread back up

    seymour didnt give me any trouble...mostly becuz i waz alwayz expecting a hardass battle so all my aeons were in overdrive :roll:

    im playin through kingdom hearts on expert and rikku/ansem at hallow bastion is still giving me trouble :x

  5. i had alot of trouble with dario in CC. i guess i wasn't leveled up as high as i should have been. the second time was much easier. thank you newgame+!

    all you hadta do waz steal black plate from the black dragon and equip serge with it. Theres almost no way he could die because dario's physical attacks werent THAT powerful <granted he could drain your health pretty good, but with black plate, his elemental attacks just heal you :D >

    edit: verb tense problems...

  6. To me, the best way to describe it may be in terms of color: constantly shifting, plasma green stars in the sky on a black background. Dark greys and Dark Blacks with hints of green and brown moving back and forth on the bottom. That main synth is DEFINITELY green... the percussion is what gives it the silvery grey. The strings provide the brown, and everything else melds together into the infinitely deep, cool, smooth black.

    i found that quite insightful with a hint of hilarity

    btw i love the mix...been on my playlist since i first heard of this site...never got around 2 postin a review :?

  7. Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts. Jesus christ..

    i second that!

    lvl 90 and i can still barely hurt him

    Good lord dude. I killed him at 85. And I was taking away fairly large chunks of his HP's per hit (A couple pixels a hit, about a fifth of a HP bar per full combo). Are you sure you're not being fooled by his 6 HP bars? I know he has two purple HP bars layered on top of each other, so until you run the first of those down it doesn't look like you're doing any damage to him. Try fighting him again and just stick with it, keep hitting him.

    Of course, having the Ultima Weapon was probably a large factor in my victory, so maybe you should go for that too if you don't already have it.

    hey thanks

    ive already beaten him though :)

    i still say hes hard

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