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  1. Came for the Chappelle reference, stayed for the rockin piano. Fantastic, I'm amazed by the thought of your hands working these keys like a freaking machine.
  2. Already mentioned but hey he's such a bitch he deserves multiple complaints. Another one coming out of Kingdom Hearts, Riku. When you fight him for the second time in Hallow Bastion. I ALWAYS have problems with him.
  3. Geez this took all of 2 days to be accepted and posted. Thats gotta be a record (you know we love you djp) I loved this mix when i stumbled across it in the ReQuest forum, and I love it now. Keep it up DD
  4. I downloaded this a looong time ago. It was when I found out about this site but I was just sucking the song off kazaa. A quick listen through gave me a few songs that tasted, well, delicious. This song was one of them. The beginning could be a song in itself, but then it 'end's. "awww over already" you say, but then it kicks in with the distortion guitars and personally I get the chills. By the end of the song i want to cry because its just so beautiful. Easily one my favorite mixes 30/10
  5. And by "Boss Music", you meant "Special Stage Music", right? whoops...
  6. i couldnt hear the original tune in there but thats probably just becuz i havent played sonic 1 in a looong time anyway great song. a very light-hearted twist for boss music.
  7. ive been following this since E-Bison's WIP and i must say i love it. The clocks, the Epoch, the self-help: all the samples were great i only wish he didnt hafta cut it down due to filesize
  8. o yes i forgot about Omega weapon. perhaps becuz i killed him with no problem at all. it took me a while to realize that he was dead becuz it waz so easily done. i agree that none of the bosses provided a challenge. i killed jecht with one hit from tidus
  9. mmm glad to see this thread back up seymour didnt give me any trouble...mostly becuz i waz alwayz expecting a hardass battle so all my aeons were in overdrive im playin through kingdom hearts on expert and rikku/ansem at hallow bastion is still giving me trouble
  10. one of my favorite mixes from the site cant beat the industrial style of cotmm keep em coming! <and i mean that in a humble, pleading way>
  11. i remember this from the WIP forums this mix is awesome watever you're doing starblaze keep it up cuz i havent met a mix of yours i didnt like
  12. im assuming the title refers to link as being one from hyule not to be picky, but isnt the term hylian watever im sure djp knows wat hes talking bout btw AWESOME MIX it has found a permanent place on my playlist
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