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  1. let me know what you think. the composition/arrangement is not too hot, how should i change it? https://soundcloud.com/grasstype/enguarde
  2. Thank you for going in depth with the issues in my track. I tried to do all the things you mentioned, including some very needed EQ adjustments. Did some work on the snare, and got rid of a lot of reverb. I updated the link in my original post, but here it is again: https://soundcloud.com/nynjamusic/sparks
  3. Hey thank you very much for the reply! and thanks for going through and analyzing each part. I'm not sure how much of the original you'll remember, but i went through each thing you said one by one, and hopefully achieved closer to what you were talking about. Tried to EQ out as much low end from each instrument as i could, took off a LOT of reverb, worked on dynamic flair, and changed up a few other things. The main thing you mentioned was how long the intro was. I particulary liked the long intro, because i like the fact that the listener has no idea what song it is until the recognizabl
  4. i would like to submit this remix, but i'd like to know what you guys think first. feedback please, specifically negative feedback, so i can try and improve this track. Here Is A Soundcloud Link
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