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  1. Hello there, just sharing the first version of the world 1 map of Wuli adventure. It is a wip and I spent about 150 hours at the moment, 9000 pixel width. I hope you like it! I am always open to question or critics Guess what music I am listening when I work !
  2. Hello the OCremix community ! How you guys are doing? My name is Paul and I have been developing "Wuli's Adventure" by myself for at least 2 years now. I am looking for an inspired music composer to create the music for the "forest level" that you can see in the following video: http://youtu.be/JgQCi8p78G8 There is other levels/themes (dungeon, lava) too but let's focus on that level first because soon I will have to release a free playable demo of that level. Can I pay? Yes I can, but I would prefer to find a partner. Someone who simply believe that this game is going to reach a broad audience and be successful. I am preparing presskit now for the press and for the next few weeks I will make sure articles are written about "Wuli" and I will work full-time to expose the game every where. Later on(in 2 months) I will probably find a way to get this project funded (but please let's put this funding thing on the side for now) So, if you decide to forget about the money temporarily and work as a partner you probability get a bigger reward later.(when it is funded...) I believe a great approach to find the musical style without too much effort is to listen an existing track while watching the video and then post the link of the track right here so any one can listen to it.(and express its opinion about the choice suggestion) Exemple of track that fits well (in my opinion)with the gameplay video of Wuli: (Sword of mana) One last thing. If you are not interested in creating a song for the game but still want to help out, please, simply post here a link of the track that you think would fits the video (so it can be used as style reference by the one(s) who want(s) to compose a song). I think, making the right choice, finding the right style is kind of 50% of the work! Anyway, thank you for your time and thanks to this website for promoting theses old school songs so the developers of the next generation don't forget what real video game music is truly about !
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