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  1. Growl/scream in a bowser way could really add a more violent taste to the mix haha but im more of a melodic kind of guy (I love how linkin park use a mix between scream and singing, I digest less Lamb Of God abuse of it for exemple). You're right, I think I used the same kick sample for the whole song added with the vst "Massive" for notes at the sub level. Ill rework the house part with that in mind. Thanks! Wow thanks for the infos, and the graph. It is less expensive than I thought. I sure would love to use studio speakers but I don't think the people who live in the same apartment block as I would like to hear the same song, over, and over, and over... :razz:Once I have time ill try to separate each instrument frequency wise so that the song wont sound like the big soup it kinda does.
  2. Thanks for the input! Too liberal means its too far from the source song I guess ? The song should be more recognizable ? You're both right I think. If I dont find a vocalist I should reduce the lenght of the flatter part of the song and compose more melodies/ use more instruments where it is dry. Also, ive been looking at some tutorials and I noticed Im not mixing/mastering the right way. Ill pratice with that and see what it sounds like. Thing is I dont have good enough headphones to ear the subtleties. (any idea to what brand I should look for, quality/price like?
  3. Last time I visited was probably 10 or 12 years ago. I think its awesome that it still is evolving.A few weeks back I came across remixes of dkc2, an album actually, named Serious Monkey Business. Great work imo. So yeah, its what brought me back here haha. Anyway Ive been working on that remix for a while and I would like to know your opinion about whats working and what should be done differently. In other word, some constructive criticism that would allow to improve my skills and the song. I dont know if this is good enough to be on OCremix. It is a WIP of the Airship theme found in Super Mario Bros 3 created by Koji Kondo on the NES with a taste of hiphop/house mixed in a badass/imminent final battle ambience. Also, if there is anyone out there who would be inspired to write some rap/singing lyrics just let me know.Like most songs I created (as a hobby most of the time) I structure it so vocals could fit on it. At the moment, it is built that way : Intro - verse - chorus - bridge - verse - chorus - drop - teknotime - chorus. Oh and sorry for the spelling mistakes, I do my best and hope it is still comprehensible !