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    I'm a composer and arranger/orchestrator and an avid gamer, currently playing through all the Final Fantasy games in order.
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  1. Hi, I submitted my Final Fantasy IV "Zeromus" remix to the judges panel (it was rejected) and they suggested I post here for more feedback. Here's my track: http://tindeck.com/listen/ansr The original: Basically my problem has always been production. I don't tend to notice things that lack like audio engineers do and I want to improve my skills. The judge said the lower frequencies were lacking, but IMO I can hear plenty in my headphones. I'm aware that the samples can be better for drums and strings. I made this before I had better drum samples. But audio production is really what I'm
  2. Hiya, I'm looking for a guitarist who might be interested in recording some heavy metal guitars to replace my sampled ones in this track: It would also be fantastic to get a drummer on board too if you think the track has potential? Would anyone be interested?
  3. Well for the velocities, I play in every single note with a keyboard. I've been told that it can sound more natural to not quantize melodic instruments, etc, so I might go back to not quantizing those. I don't have a mod wheel, though, so I have to draw in the automation for expression instead. But thanks
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I find it hard to reinterpret things in a new way, I like the original too much. With the drums, I put them at that level because I like to hear the orchestral parts as prominently as they are. By humanization, do you mean I should try to put the quantization off a bit? I quantized pretty much everything.
  5. Hi, I'm new to OCReMix but I'd love to share my newest Final Fantasy ReMix (FFIV final battle by Nobuo Uematsu) and get some feedback on it. Thanks! Original track: I used mostly the Kontakt 4 library for all the instruments.
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