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    I am 23 and working on my first major project Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale. I like all sorts of games, but my preferred genre to develop is RPGs.
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  1. So you all know, I'm currently in talks with an applicant that looks pretty solid so once I get some confirmed work underway, I will let you guys know and update the topic. The agreement only covers Chapter 1 so far so I may take up future applications. Thanks for your time everyone!
  2. My name is Blake Price, but you can call me AoD or AoDLegacy, and I am the head developer of DracoWyrm Media, and am looking for a composer with a wide range of talent in genres like fantasy, electronic, and orchestral. This position will be paid either by commission or by hour/difficulty. I'm not particular on which one, I'm flexible and willing to discuss it in greater detail on a personal basis. The composer will be in charge of composing music for battles, characters, areas of the game, and moment by moment cues for my game Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale, a fantasy turn based rpg. Two Chapters have already been developed and are accessible in a public demo format, while the rest of the game will be available upon final release. If you are not comfortable discussing these matters, particularly financial in public, my email is Alternatively you can contact me on Discord via the username AoD#6908. The Game Turn Base Combat Fantasy RPG RPG Maker XP Engine Project Start Date: June 9th, 2014 Medieval / Fantasy Setting Itchio Page for more Details Synopsis Composer Position Details Things to know: I send commissions based on when I need something, and not in bulk. There are times I focus on the artists, and other times I will work more with you on certain weeks, based on what I need done in the game. You will need a PayPal account, and prior to accepting the position, we need to work out the specifics of the commission/by hour/difficulty rates. All of this will either be handled via email or by discord, based on your preference. That being said, I need to hear previews of any given work, and payments will be sent once the music is determined to be finished. If you feel uncomfortable with this, I can have my artists vouch for my integrity in regards to keeping my agreements. Copyright will be equally mutual: I may use the created works for my game and for its promotional materials, etc, and you may use the works created for this project to promote your library of work. In other words, working with me and accepting payments means the music is our property and general use from both parties is fair game. Sales of Soundtracks are to be discussed as equal partners and are not to be done without disclosure and agreement between both parties. I'm fairly loose with most matters but do not disclose information not available to general public that I have not given the ok to release. This means story sensitive stuff may not be shared until either I clear it or the final build of the game launches. Please show me respect for the trust I give you in working on this project. These are all attributes and conditions that make you more likely to be chosen for this position. Large variety of styles/genres and proficient in many moods and instruments. [Highly Desired] Must be active and maintain regular contact and updates. (ex: If you have something personal come up, inform me as soon as possible so I know if I need to wait on you) [Mandatory] Need Access to a form of payment [Paypal, Mandatory, I don't do 'exposure' payment] Audio Format preferred is MP3. I need music that loops, so make sure you know how to do that well. OGG and MIDI are acceptable but a MP3 is strongly preferred. Can handle working with others well (Infighting will be frowned upon). Quality needs to be consistent and professional.