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  1. Thanks for all the tips everyone, you're saving me alot of trouble! With all the plugins and software available, i didn't knew where to start. And yeah, i'll test everything that i can test before choosing. The sale on FL studio was what triggered my question about it in fact! I'll probably won't go with the plugins pack but instead go with the suggested combo komplete 9/FL studio 11 I'll make sure to have a version with the soundfont player, and that Kontakt seems to be quite liked judging by your answers. I was trying a few years back to run a demo of fruity loop with a NES or 8-bit instrument, but i wasn't finding anything. I didn't check at the right place i guess! Edit : urdailywater, for the minimalist approach, i completely agree! It's partially why i wanted to start with console-like sounds. I was just trying to find something that would both work at longterm and cover all the base since i didn't know where to look for what i need in the first place. With all the name you dropped in this topic, i know more where to start now. I don't have much experience with real instrument for now. I'm a king in rhythm game but of course it doesn't count! I'll probably get there eventually if i get serious with this, but It's another step for later. I'll familiarize myself with the sequencer first. But yeah, i'll need some recording tool/experience later.
  2. Cool! I'll look into all you just said some more. Thanks for the tip, that's exactly what i needed to know!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I looked at Komplete 9, and it' quite costly too...are you saying that's it's better for me to get FL Producer edition and Komplete 9 instead of FL with the plugins package deal since both option cost about the same? And if so, is it because the plugins package deal give more specific instrument/sounds instead of the more varied one in Komplete 9?
  4. Hi, i'm new to this forum and i don't know if it's the right page/thread to ask for this, but here it goes : Currently, i know how to sprite and how to program well with gamemaker. However, what's missing is the music talent. I'm a total noob on that last step and i don't want to stay like that. And now, i need to know which is the tools that will enable me to compose game music, no matter how long it will then takes me to learn it well. I do intend to team up with a composer later when things get serious, but for now i want to do it by myself for my first small project. FL studio 11 seemed the best solution at first, but the plugins package is quite costly and i don't know how large these plugins covers. In the long term, if i put in in 4 level, i would like to be able to do these : 1-NES style music 2-Genesis style music 3-Snes style music 4-Complete style music like what we see in modern game(the instrument sounds like real instrument). It will take a while before i get there! So, can anyone tell me if the plugins pack that come with fruity loop is Worth the 700$ extra? How much does it covers Will i have to still search madly for other plugins when i want a specific instrument or does most of the instrument/sounds are covered? Or another way to calculate : will i be able to do eventually do something that sounds like parodius music with these? I have the money for it, but i don't want to spend it blindly. And maybe i should looks at the other music making software. I'm quite lost here. Thanks in advance!
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