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  1. Thanks Bowlerhat -- how would you recommend making the solos more interesting? Do you mean adding more stuff in the background or just making the solo lines themselves more dense? I had some takes of the sax solos that were a lot more busy but I thought it clashed with the more chill tone.

    Rozovian -- thanks for the feedback. I think I'll work some of this stuff in and update the track. I might cut the guitar intro if there are time limitations or other relevant ocr guidelines (not sure what this would be submitted for...) but I do kinda like how it sets up the themes that will come later in the solos.

  2. Thanks - but like Rozo said, if you're just looking to pimp your music and say "here's my album!" then it's cool to post albums with the Album/Other tag, I think and see if anyone wants to talk about the music. But if you're looking for critical reviews with help in your mixing and arranging, then one song per thread will help you get there - just don't go overboard and post a ton of songs at once, since that's essentially the same thing.

    That's the critical difference that I neglected to post in my first response, I think.

    Noted. Thanks again for the heads up.

  3. I think it's around 5 minutes in, But it sounds like every instrument is trying to Solo, Took a few for my head to be able to listen to it all (Sounds good), and I think it could do with a different last note from the bass, But that's personal opinion. :P

    are you referring to 5:55, when all the melodies come in again at once, or the end of the soprano solo before 5:00? Those are the two places where I'm worried it gets too cluttered, and I'm not sure it works...

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

  4. Listening to a couple of these right now..."The Island" definitely makes me think of Super Mario RPG or Paper Mario type stuff in the beginning. I'll post more feedback soon, when I get time to listen to more. Good stuff!

    Thanks! Yeah, "The Island" is definitely inspired by the retro RPG flavors, with a little synth flavor inspired by all the Fez I was playing when I wrote it. :)

    Would love any more comments!

  5. Agreed with timaeus, not a bad first go! You've got a good feel for the source song and some great instincts.

    I also agree about the drums -- they're very much in-your-face. You've got a lot of great rhythmic ideas in there, but it's asking a lot of one instrument to carry the majority of your rhythmic improvisations. To take this from being a straightforward drum feature to a more balanced and deep arrangement, try giving some of the drum rhythms to other instruments and having them all play off of each other! I can hear a high-pitched synth line throughout (particularly noticeable at :29), but it's too buried in the mix to hear how it interacts with the main line. Maybe give that line some more prominence too?

    Keep it up!

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