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  1. Thanks for your answers guys!. I suppose i should try VoPM first. I normally work on a laptop, so for me, the big interface of the FM Drive could be a dealbreaker. Thanks again .
  2. Hi guys. So, as you may know, there's the FMDrive, a VSTi that emulates the YM2612 from the Genesis. It costs 10 euros. (http://www.alyjameslab.com/alyjameslabfmdrive.html) I ask this because there are other YM2612 free emulators like VoPM (http://www.kvraudio.com/product/vopm_by_sam) and this one: http://wonthelp.info/2612/ym2612-vst-release-v-0-9/ So, do you guys think i should get the FM Drive? Is it really worth it? Thanks
  3. Since i'm a noob, i know my opinion won't matter a lot, but yes, imho, they're great. I bought them because of the good reviews on the net, and because many friends on this kind of stuff only say wonders 'bout 'em. Of course there are a lot more better monitors, but much more expensive. These ones i think are pretty hard to beat in terms of value.
  4. Well, this is my setup, as soon as i graduate and work profesionally, i'll be able to upgrade everything (right know i'm a half time worker/college student). I am just starting, i haven't made anything serious yet (shameful, i know), i'm just waiting to finish college. On the mean time, i'm studying music theory, Fl Studio stuff, and getting practice on the instruments you see there. It's basically: '91 Ibanez RG550 MIJ guitar '92 Fender Jazz MIJ Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Yamaha HS50M Samson Carbon 49 AKG K240 cans (bought them because everyone recommened them here)
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