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    Im just a 16 year old that loves videogames. I also grew to want to make music so here I am.
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  1. So I started a new remix for one of my favorite portable Castlevania game. As usual, please give my some feedback, improvements and such. https://soundcloud.com/dantesubicus/castlevania-adventure-2
  2. Nice cover. I really enjoy it. Keep up the awesome covers.
  3. Alright so here is the latest version https://soundcloud.com/dantesubicus/club-panic-v2 What I added/changed: The Melody Pitch and volume New start Things that are being worked on: Intro is loud as Hell (turn down vol) Ending is meh Still kinda repetitious Anything else you guys think i should improve feel free to post
  4. This song is abandoned. I found a style that suits me more then this.
  5. Ok so after realizing that I am not cut for the type of music I tried to make with my Shock Troopers mix, I took a swing at a techno song. The first techno mix I did was a simple arrangement of memories of puyo from puyo puyo 1. Everyone I played that to said it was really good, so I decided to try something more. What I have here is the basic outline of a panic puppet ReMix. I really want to make sure it is great before I submit this one. So please tell t.hings I should add, remove, improve, anything to make it sound good. Thanks http://m.soundcloud.com/dantesubicus/club-panic
  6. Ok so this right here is my 2nd (see what I did there) ReMix that I did for the sake of people hearing it (the first is up on youtube). I am pretty proud of this song, though it was a pain to figure where what should go where, etc. I mark it as finished because I have submitted it for evaluation by the judges. Since I expect to have it turned down, please feel free to tell me ways I can improve it. Link: https://soundcloud.com/dantesubicus/heroes-of-shock Thank you and have a nice day/night d0s-OmEga8
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