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  1. Jonathan! and Nase - thank you for your very helpful info. Must aplogise for not replying earlier, but my wife had to go in for a major operation. I will get on to this project as soon as time allows. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Stephen
  2. Hi Is there anyone who could possibly help with an odd MIDI question? Around 1999/2000 I brought a Yamaha Keyboard with MIDI IN/OUT It has 76 weighted, touch sensitive keys with sustain. On Windows 98 I brought a Yamaha sound card, with DAW/studio included. I managed to get everything working, used it for an hour, and have never touched it since, as others things cropped up. The keyboard is Yamaha PSR GX76 (immaculate) and because it’s got everything I want ‘touch wise’ I’m reluctant to buy another. I have been looking at Youtube, and I’m thinking of getting Kontakt 5 and FL Studio 11. I hav
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