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  1. Very interesting for those of us who writes orchestral music
  2. Music I wrote for a trailer of a flash game called Ink World https://soundcloud.com/yogev-sitton/ink-world
  3. My orchestral cover to the title and ending theme of Wizards & Warriors Original composer: David Wise https://soundcloud.com/yogev-sitton/wizards-warriors-title-and
  4. I'm a new to this, and as a noob composer - my SoundCloud page is pretty... weak on material. I decided to post only stuff that's actually been used (games, music challenges, covers, etc...). More than once I was working with a developer that decided to drop the project he was working on. Now I'm "stuck" with a piece of music which I like but hasn't been used anywhere. I'm trying to decide if it would be wise to post it on my SoundCloud. I would probably want to use the music with another game some time in the future - but won't developers want me to write something completely new for them ins
  5. First of all I would like to say - Bastion's soundtrack by Darren Korb is my favourite video games soundtrack ever. Now that we got this out of the way - while browsing Apple's loops I was pretty surprised to find out that some of these loops were used as main parts in some of the tracks in the soundtrack. As an example: - this is "The Mancer's Dilemma".The harp that plays at the beginning and continues during the rest of the song is exactly "Orchestra Harp Pattern 20". Also - there's another part in the middle that sounds like the beginning of "Orchestra Harp Pattern 27" only faster. What
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