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  1. I have a suggestion for an improvement to the usefulness of the music listings website, and I apologize if this has already been covered in the forums or if I have overlooked a relevant site feature. Sampling music is, for me, a tedious experience apart from the torrents. To find ReMixes for a particular game, for instance, I must first display the listing for that game, then click a soundtrack title that has mixes, then click a particular mix, then expand the Play Preview box, and then click the Play button. Then, unless I opened each page in a new tab, I must use the breadcrumb links or the browser's Back button to return to the ReMix list or soundtrack list, which adds to the tedium because of the page load delay. Also, my internet connection is not very fast or reliable, and sometimes videos load too slowly to maintain a buffer, and then the song is interrupted. Playing just the audio should all but eliminate that problem. My suggestion is to include, in the game's soundtrack list (and in any other listing displayed by soundtrack song), "Expand" buttons that display the ReMixes beneath each song in tree list style, and then a Play button for each one (playing the mp3 itself rather than the video). I understand that there is value in visiting the page dedicated to each ReMix where there is a write-up and discussion, but I don't want to read all of that for every ReMix and usually prefer merely to find music. The quick-play option would allow me to find music efficiently and then to visit the individual pages only for those songs that I want to learn more about. Possibly the playback sourced from the YouTube server rather than from is in place to decrease bandwidth, and I understand that hosting playback from your own servers may not be financially feasible. But even having just the option of the expand button to display ReMixes rather than having to load a new page would be helpful, and this would, I expect, decrease your bandwidth. It would also be helpful to have a listing of ReMixes that were submitted since the last collection torrent. Sorting by date is a fairly good way to find these songs, but I would have to remember or look up the date of the last compilation for that to be fully useful.