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  1. Personal vendetta? I'm a recent joiner of the forum, and it would be absolute egomania and paranoia to think anyone here cares about my opinions beyond idle curiosity. I'm sorry if you got that impression - it was not intended. Yeah, I did read that changelog. However, aren't the standards of the site also a matter of interpretation / taste? After all, they do not specify an exact threshold of how close a remix can be to the original. I'm just stating my disagreement, and asking if others had remixes that they liked, but did not make the cut. It is interesting to note that they were approved at one time. Did the standards change over time, or was there an error in judging back then? Thanks! That could definitely come in handy.
  2. I noticed that a new set of OC Remixes is out with the release of OCR #3000. However, I was intrigued that there were a hell of a lot fewer files than 3000. Looking around, I ran across the changelog, and was I in for a surprise. Apparently I considerably have different tastes than the judging panel! Ironically, the remix that led me to find this site, the GoldenEye 007 Symphonic Caverns Remix, was one of the ones removed. I was quite surprised at just how many remixes I liked got the axe. There were also no remixes where I found that I was glad that it was removed. I'm very glad I didn't delete the old files before downloading the new torrent. Obviously, I know that OC Remix has no obligation to do anything whatsoever, judges can do whatever they want, yadda yadda yadda. I was just curious how many other people still keep around unofficial OC Remixes?
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