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  1. Thanks Twigy Yes the ultimate goal for this track is for DJ's and clubs! (Once I make the extended mix) Although I'm not sure about your 'people on computers don't want to listen to dance music' comment. It makes all the more sense to me.
  2. Thanks for the reply... the recent AVGN episode of behind the scenes with R.O.B did inspire me to make this remix.
  3. Hello All This is my first post on OC Remix Yes I know the arrangement has yet to be changed, but i wanted to get all the sounds and elements correct first before going for an extended original mix of this track... This is my Dance remix of - Gyromite Stage theme, from the NES 1985 game - Gyromite (The rob the robot game) https://soundcloud.com/moleman124/gyromite-stage-theme-nes-1985 All feedback would be appreciated. Cheers, El Sexmo
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