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    Dren has worked in the game industry as an audio director, composer and sound designer on titles such as Transformers: Age of Extinction The Official Game, Desktop Dungeons, Skulls of the Shogun, Ghost Recon Commander, Ravenwood Fair and over 40 others. He currently acts as Director of Development for GANG (Game Audio Network Guild), operates his own game audio company, nerdtracks.com and is a frequent speaker at GDC, GameSoundCon, Casual Connect, and IndieCade. This past winter he taught the inaugural game audio course for the UC Santa Cruz Games and Playable Media Masters Program. He also kickstarted and released The String Arcade, a recording of video game music arranged for string quartet.
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    dren mcdonald
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    composer/sound designer/audio director
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  1. Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster...be gentle. In case you hadn't heard about this record I released this year, The String Arcade, it's a collection of game music arranged for string quartet. We covered everything from Galaga to Tron arcade, to Secret of Monkey Island 2 to Sonic 2, to Minecraft, FTL and Plants Vs. Zombies. And a lot more. Anyhow, I just 100% of the proceeds of this recording goes towards a free, K-5 classical music after school music program for kids who otherwise couldn't afford music lessons. Below is a more complete list of the games we cover, and I hope you enjoy! (and that i posted this to the correct topic...) dren Ecco the Dolphin (mega drive version) Plants V Zombies Pettington Park FTL Sonic 2 Outlaws Ravenshire Castle Scurvy Scallywags Monkey Island 2 Portal 2 graBLOX Galaga Altered Beast Tron (arcade) Legend of Zelda