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  1. Hello Everyone, it has been a while. I am looking for suggestions. Looking for Rock/Metal/Electro Guitar VST Plugins. I need to play and record some melodies with. I also need it for chorus and strings. I thank you all. Take Care
  2. Future Trunks and Evil Goku confirmed for next Arc. http://otakukart.com/animeblog/2016/05/09/future-trunks-returns-evil-goku-future-dragon-ball-super/
  3. I am not against Frost but, Frieza's return and massive boost in power was kinda a joke. Goku trains for years and achieves SSJ Blue form. Same goes for Vegeta. Then Frieza shows up and says that 4 months of training was enough to become so strong. Goku and Vegeta trained together as SSJ Blue for 3 years in the time chamber after. We still don't know how strong they got there. So let's say that if Frieza returns for the second time, all he has to do is train a few months and become as strong as them.. You can even imagine Perfect Cell's return. He has saiyan cells. He gets stronger when close to death and defeat. He has Frieza's cells too. So imagine him using both saiyan and frieza's cells. Now, imagine his power boost. All he needs to do is train a few months and become as strong as Goku and the others there.
  4. It is getting somewhere now. The king of Everything wants a tournament held between all 12 universes. This means that we might see more Saiyans, Nameks, new races and many more. Also, I read that Arale from Dr. Slump will appear in Episode 43. She also appeared in Dragonball when Goku was a kid.
  5. Hello Everyone. I was wondering if you know where I can ger free orchestral, flute and tech sounds. Zebra2 has for example pretty nice tech and spacy sounds. Where can i find some vst plugins wich includes orchestral, flute and tech sounds? Any suggestions? Take Care
  6. Hello Everyone, is anyone following the newest Dragonball Super series? if yes, what do you guys think about it? I think the show needs a better feel and animation. Dragonball Kai did good deleting the the fillers from Dragonball Z but still, the feel and development was there. The story progresses way to fast then it should be there.
  7. Hello Everyone, I finished Pokemon Red/Blue's Pokemon Center Remix. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMA5c1eTOKY Enjoy Everyone!
  8. Hello Everyone, this is what I made. It is Super Mario Bros 3's Overworld 1 Remixed. Enjoy Everyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2ptTxEGKqc
  9. Thanks man. Instead of making a new topic, I decided to go from here. Any other VST Plugins I can use in Acid 10 for my midi keyboard?
  10. Hello Everyone, it is good to be bussy again. I have started building theme's from scratch but, I have a question considering edits and mixes. What is the best way to lower the sounds such as loops, drum and bass within a song or theme? I know that it has to do with it's channels but, what is the best method for this? example songs/themes I want to edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3fQVQJR1sM
  11. Thanks guys. I appreciate it. Wich links do you prefer for VST Plugings wich has new tones and instruments? I actually don't know wichones to download as this is the first time i'm using Acid 10. Before this, I used Cubase and Fruityloops. I am studying Acid 10 now.
  12. Hello everyone, I am in need for VST Plugins wich works on Acid Music Studio 10. I conntected a midi keyboard and i'm looking for new tones. Thank you.
  13. Hello everyone, I am remixing game tracks wich are basicly just adding loops i make. I want someone to help me out and add trance, choirs melodies to them to give it a fresh sound. Here are some i made: https://soundcloud.com/omegaremixes I want those extra choirs or melodies/accords added to such tracks like: - Dragonball Z - Gaiden Title Theme Nes Remix - Dragonball GT Final Bout - Frieza Theme Remix - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Scene 2 Nes Remix - The Jetsons - Boss Battle Nes Remix - Double Dragon - Mission 1 Nes Remix - DuckTales 2 - Level 1 Boss Gameboy Remix (Omega Remixes) They are Nes, Snes, Gameboy and PSX tracks. I also have a unreleased one wich is from Chrono Trigger (Snes) titled Bike Race. A colaboration would be excellent if anyone is interested. Also newer tracks could be done.
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