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    Former Japanese game developer, titles include Ouendan, Gitaroo-Man Lives!, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Elite Beat Agents, Lips, Demons' Score. Now mobile developer at Propellerhead Software. Also creator of the chiptune remix module, GaMBi.
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  1. Game Music Emu uses LGPL and that covers all the systems I support (NSF/GBS/SPC/GYM/VGM/AY/SAP/KSS/HES) except for TinySID, which is distributed freely with no license restrictions.
  2. I stayed away from code using the GPL for the limitations you mention. In particular I know that modizer uses libsidplay, which I do not. Part of the emulation in GaMBi is based on LGPL code. Code for that is available online on my Github page. I don't have any information regarding the LGPL libraries directly on my product page, maybe it should be there as it is in my source code repositories, which credit the authors as you suggest.
  3. Thanks DarkeSword and theshaggyfreak! It took a lot of hours to make so that's very cool to hear.
  4. Jandalf, I'm not sure yet. A big part of the app's functionality is AudioCopy and Audiobus connectivity for adding realtime effects and sampling, and these technologies don't exist on Android. I'm not too familiar with chiptune players on Android so I'll have to check out the competition and see if GaMBi could succeed on that platform. It would take a lot of work because the UI is all built on Apple widgets.
  5. G-Mixer yes, it's available in every country's App Store, the link I listed is just for a European one.
  6. Hello, My chiptune player is now out for iOS devices running 7.0 on the App Store, with support for Audiobus in the latest update. Available on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/gambi/id840190547?mt=8 Key features include: - loop, shuffle, track favorites - library sort and search - playlist creation - channel toggle and built-in equalizer - AudioCopy, Audiobus, export to iTunes Supported formats include, NSF, GBS, SPC, VGM, HES, KSS, AY, SAP, and more. Check out our trailer, manual, and get support at: http://ichigoichie.org/gambi Twitter: http://twitter.com/gambi_app Facebook: http://facebook.com/gambiapp Thanks for checking out the post, and I'm happy to explain the features or answer any questions here or via the support mail on our site. Cya, David
  7. GaMBi is an iOS app for chiptune fans, performers, DJs, and remix artists, allowing deep customization of classic video game sound and connection with other music-making apps via channel control, AudioCopy and Audiobus. Collaborating artists include: Jon Dunn, Jeroen Tel, C-jeff, Blitz Lunar, Hally, Tappy, and more! Check out our trailer and sign up for news: http://ichigoichie.org/gambi Twitter: http://twitter.com/gambi_app Facebook: http://facebook.com/gambiapp Thanks for letting me share this! - Dave
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