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  1. Hi This is a piece I'm working on at the moment for a game. Just wondered if I could get a little feedback on the mix and master. I'm aware there a few 'tidying up' jobs to do with the vocals and guitar's timing, as this is work-in-progress. Cheers, Matthew Dear
  2. This is a track I composed for the flash game, Lost Soul, on Kongregate. Some feedback on arrangement and production would be great thanks. I feel that it's a bit lacking in the mid-range, but I've done what I can so far... Thanks
  3. This is an 'Urban Space' struck I made a while ago that I have recently added to and remastered. Be great to get some feedback on arrangement and production. Cheers P.s. Has anyone else found that bandcamp plays tracks at a much lower volume than the file or soundcloud?
  4. A remix of Yoko Shimomura 'Ryu's Theme' from Street Fighter 2 The middle section needs some work and the whole track could do with a little cleaning up. But please leave some feedback! Cheers, Matt
  5. A piece I composed a couple of months ago that I've now remixed and remastered. Be great to get some feedback Cheers