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  1. Hey guys, just gonna show some more of my tracks here. I mae one sampling an old record and added some Final Fantasy 12 dialogue in there as well. Shortly after I made the beat I started playing some FF12 and felt a little obligated to add some dialogue.

    The Final Fantasy one right here.


    Here's the Baccano anime one. Nothing major, but I little something I sampled.


    Hope you enjoy them :)

  2. Hopefully this doesn't count as beat spamming the board D: anyway, here's some more stuff I made :)


    This one's very short. I went through a phase the other day where I only wanted to sample guitar stuff. Hope You like.


    This one is an old vintage style hip hop sample I did from a Stevie Wonder record. Not really a video game or anime remix, sorry :/ Also, the drums MIGHT sound a bit low because I was experimenting a bit.

    Tell me what you think :) and if you like it please leave a like :D it helps keep me motivated a bit.

  3. Hey guys, just started making music a few months ago and I'd like to see how good other people think it is. Criticism would be extremely appreciated :)

    Here's one I made from sampling Cowboy Bebop.


    And here's one I made from sampling Space Dandy.


    It's mostly hip hop and jazz stuff if you're into that kind of thing. I could improve my drums a bit too :/

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