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    I make music using sampling and other stuff. Can't really do melody's right :( draw inspiration from MF DOOM, Madlib, Nujabes, J-Dilla and of course Rukunetsu.
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  1. Been a little since I've posted my work on OC Remix haha. Here's a beat tape I put together of my favorite sounds I've made so far. School is starting so I won't be able to upload a shit ton like I've been doing all summer. Of course it's free for download, or you can donate a little if you like, but you don't have to (enter 0$ for free) https://datfootdive.bandcamp.com/releases I hope you guys like it
  2. Nice weird mix man. Love Metroid, always glad to see it mixed
  3. Some new stuff I made. Nothing too big, but a little something. Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/datfootdive/elixir https://soundcloud.com/datfootdive/mana
  4. Hey guys, I have some new beats for you guys if you's like to check them out. I mostly sway these towards the hip hop side, but at the same time they don't have the hip hop vibe, so I don't kow what to call the sometimes. Anyways, enjoy https://soundcloud.com/datfootdive/woes-and-rivalries https://soundcloud.com/datfootdive/aestus-estus
  5. Man everyone on this site plays piano, huh? Nice job on this. Feels retro, but modern at the same time. Very godlike. Keep it up man
  6. Nice man, really enjoyed the keys. Love me some Final Fantasy
  7. Damn good mixes man. You ever thinking of adding drums to some of these? I think that would make some of your tracks sound even more god like. Keep it up man
  8. The sound is mad epic. Good work man can't wait to hear the final
  9. Hey guys, just gonna show some more of my tracks here. I mae one sampling an old record and added some Final Fantasy 12 dialogue in there as well. Shortly after I made the beat I started playing some FF12 and felt a little obligated to add some dialogue. The Final Fantasy one right here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dastk4HT4W4 Here's the Baccano anime one. Nothing major, but I little something I sampled. https://soundcloud.com/datfootdive/tegami Hope you enjoy them
  10. I'm not really into electronic stuff, but I can tell what you're doing is really good. Keep it up man
  11. Sounds like it would actually be in a Sonic game. Nice work
  12. I really like the beats. They're mad good. Especially what you do with the bassline
  13. Hopefully this doesn't count as beat spamming the board D: anyway, here's some more stuff I made https://soundcloud.com/datfootdive/lamenting This one's very short. I went through a phase the other day where I only wanted to sample guitar stuff. Hope You like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVyeArqBCII This one is an old vintage style hip hop sample I did from a Stevie Wonder record. Not really a video game or anime remix, sorry :/ Also, the drums MIGHT sound a bit low because I was experimenting a bit. Tell me what you think and if you like it please leave a like it helps keep me motivated a bit.
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