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    Well, why don't we just go ahead and break the ice.

    I'm a guy who enjoys video games and their music, but there are two specific types of tunes I absolutely adore: old PSX/N64/DC era songs - preferably with sweet electric guitars riffs -, and soundtracks with CPS2 mixing.

    Also, I like comic books and curry.

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  1. Well now I feel embarasses. I though I made a date for the next WIPs on the forums, but really, I just sent it a a PM post. Sorry. Therefore, I'll bump the next WIP date to 11/20 Sound fair guys?
  2. Alright, the second due date has come and gone; so here's what's up: So far I have a WIP from Sbeast, and a revised WIP fromMalcos. Both sound pretty damn good, and I can't wait to share them with everyone. As for the next check-in, i'm thinking it should be in either August or October. Let me know which you guys prefer. Lastly, if you want to get in on this tribute, there's still time to claim a track. We've got plenty available. That's it for now folks, ~Shoejuggler
  3. Okay, I've decided that the next WIP due date will be May 16th. Is that okay with everyone?
  4. Sorry to hear that Angelcity, but I guess I would rather have no track at all instead of an uninspired one. Hopefully, you'll come up with something and come back to the project soon. If not, know that I appreciate you being one of the first to sign on the album. You helped this thread get the attention it needed to go from no songs at all, to five songs claimed. Thank you for your time. Sbeast, you are welcome to take the track. Welcome aboard. Lastly, since one WIP was turned in, I guess I'll have to push back the due dates for the rest. What date do you guys think is fair?
  5. Also, Morrigan's theme just became available again. Get it while it's hot!
  6. Just posting to remind everyone that the first round of WIPs are due in three weeks: February 10th. There is still time for any artist to get on board, so don't be afraid to claim a song.
  7. Okay, just checking in with some news on the project. First, did everyone see that the deadline for the WIPs has been posted? It's now the 10th of February. So mark your calenders. Course, if you can't make it by then, PM me, and I'll see what I can do to change it. And now for the biggest piece of news: While we have a good number of tracks claimed, we're still a ways away from having enough songs for a full tribute album. If we don't get more tracks claimed before the project nears its planned release date, I was considering just releasing it as an EP. Thoughts?
  8. Okay, first off, I'm not dead; and neither is the project. I have been talking with each of the artists collaborating to produce the album to determine a fair and plausible deadline for the first WIPs. I'm thinking of having the deadline on February 3rd 2015. If all of you are comfortable with that, let me know so I can make it official.
  9. That's...not actually a bad idea. That's good to hear. Good work. On that note, what do the rest of you guys think would be a conceivable deadline for your WIPs? I'd like to get a general idea so I can make a due date for the first batch of remixes claimed.
  10. Great to have you on the team Malcos. I'm alright with adding one more track if you're down for remixing it. But which player select screen theme did you want to remix? Or did you want to combine the two?
  11. Well, my inspiration for the name "Vampire Maestro" was the titling pattern for the Japanese versions of the games (Vampire, Vampire Hunter, Vampire Savior). I'm starting to lean over to that name right now. But then again, "Jedah's Jam-nation" is too good of a pun to waste. Especially when we get an artist attached to this. Could you imagine the cover art?
  12. Okay, I edited the goals of the project, and reduced the number of tracks so we can finish it sooner. Hopefully, It'll attract more talent as well. I also decided against including the characters ending themes as bonus/optional tracks. Lastly, I think think the name "Vampire Maestro" would be a good name for the album, but I still think "Jedah's Jam-nation" is still a pretty rad title. Thoughts?
  13. Like what? Makai melodies, or something? It could be just me, but I don't think the word "Makai" lends itself well to attractive wordplay.
  14. That's all quite true. Even if we were to split the tracks that appear for more than one fighter, we would still have five less tracks. I would like to add the character's end story themes for bonus/optional tracks though. What do you think? Lastly, for the title, I was thinking of either calling the album "Vampire's Symphony" or "Jedah's Jam-nation". Anyone have any other suggestions?
  15. Okay, so it seems that the Darkstalkers 3 tracks are more popular with remixers than all the other songs in the series. That's fine and all, but it's making me think that maybe I should base this whole project on the third game rather than then all of them. What do you guys thing about this?
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