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  1. Hey all, GreatGonzales of AccordingToSCIENCE here. We have just recently completed our next video, which was focused on classic Castlevania music! Thought y'all would be interested! Check out our Top 25 8-Bit Castlevania Songs of All Time! Please let me know what you think! Interested to hear if folks disagree with our picks. As you can tell from the link, we spent a long time thinking about this ranking! We are already working on our next project, which is going to be a big one. Look forward to it. Cheers! -GG
  2. Thanks for the detailed feedback Soul Splint! Yup, the main reason I personally wanted to do this list was that JFG doesn't get the respect it deserves. This was a really hard process for us, so I'm not surprised you disagree with many of our choices!
  3. We didn't see a better way to eliminate the "nostalgia bias" - if we force ourselves to listen to ALL THE SONGS, and independently give scores, then we're more likely to come up with an objective ranking than had we just gone with our gut, and our fond memories. But I hear ya. Hard to quantify the quality of VGM. We did our best.
  4. You know Waverace is awesome, but it's one of those that didn't quite make the cut! I wanted to rep it but couldn't justify knocking other songs out of the top 100.
  5. 1. Basically our methodology was to listen to every song from all notable N64 games, give each song a score from 1-10, average our scores - giving us an initial ranking - and then debates, debates, debates over song order and song inclusion. We were very thorough and methodical, so this whole process took nearly a year to complete (!). We also made an effort to include as many games as possible, so long as their inclusion could be justified. 2. We didn't poll, but as you can see at the end of the video I did data capture from other music ranking lists to see what the general consensus was. This influenced us to an extent, but ultimately we favored our own "science". The masses are often wrong, for example almost zero lists had any Jet Force Gemini songs! 3. I did some data capture on youtube view counts for the top songs to get a sense of popularity. It's tough, for example Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time is hugely popular, but we didn't feel it was worthy of making the top 100. But at the same time, if we were borderline on a song, but the song was popular, that usually made the difference between either inclusion or upping the rank. Hope that helps!
  6. Opinions indeed! But to defend mine: I don't think it's a bad soundtrack, I think what you're referring to is when I said it "isn't a great soundtrack". And I stand firm on that assessment...it ranges from ok to good, but never great. I get what they were trying to do - you're right, a "toy-like" sound. But with the early synth technology of the N64, this is more often discordant than charming. I think people confuse the greatness of the game with the soundtrack. The game is great; the soundtrack is not. #OPINIONS
  7. Glad you like it! You know we really love Rayman 2's music, but it actually doesn't translate well into a singular mp3, or otherwise stand-alone "song". The music basically blends and builds on itself. The closest song to being included was the Credits theme, which starts out awesomely but kind of loses its energy.
  8. Hey all, I thought I'd share a recent project I recently completed - a systematic effort to identify and rank the top 100 greatest Nintendo 64 songs of all time! It took us about a year of work... Hope you guys enjoy it! Top 100 Greatest N64 Songs of All Time And for the Megaman fans among us, here is our first video: Top 50 8-Bit Megaman Songs of All Time Next up...is a surprise!
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