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  1. Heh, I myself am a big fan of the original, and when I saw it here on OC, I said " Hell, why not!"

    So I gathered my courage and clicked the link with all my might, and thus downloaded it.. Now I think this has a good theme to it.. It actually makes you relax, and makes you think there are Angels on the shore.

    This is a great song and I think alot of people that visit OC, should just stop for a couple of minutes and listen to this..

  2. This is going to be a breif review since I got to walk my dog in a minute, I really liked this mix, considering, I just woke up, and I hate music in the morning.. Anyways the beginning was absolutely amazing.. But like most songs, good beginnings usually don't last.. But when I said, " Ahh it better not go on like this!", well I was wrong, it went on and instead of Piano, it played guitar, which was unexpected, GREAT job man!

  3. Personally I absolutely LOVED the beginning, gave ya a good feeling, and thats the first step to a good song, a parky beginning... But not to perky.. ;) Now as I went on and listened to the rest of the song, I didn't get bored and did not want to turn it off. You also made the song change around a bit, which is best choice number two! Keeping the song the same the whole way through would of been a bad choice.. And Finally good choice number 3 was.. Keeping the song at a reasonable length.. Thus your song is probaly one of the best ones here on OC.

  4. This is from another post I deleted

    I'm thinking of making a Chrono Trigger remix.. I think the Lavos second battle song will be my mix.. I'll be using Fruity Loops 3.0 and wanna know where I can get more sounds and how should I make the mix..? I got the idea, I need some more ideas to advance it, cause when its done, I'll need some more things in it to make it worthy enough..

    - Newfie at Work

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