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  1. Yay! My request was taken! Yay! My request was taken! Yay! My request was taken!!! Wow, thanks alot Aluminum. Great work. I loved every part of it, though I had a tad bit of trouble finding the original song in there.
  2. No the hardest boss, hasta be my controller.. Yea you heard that right. Its been broken for two years now. And I still play with it. Heh, trust me Xan is alot harder for me.
  3. I'd hafta say.. When you fight those four fiends in a row in the giant in FF2. God damn! I quit the game cause of them. I got to the Water Guy and get my ass whooped.
  4. Wow, in my depressed state of mood lately this really brings it down. Heh, not saying this is bad, i absolutely love the song. The guitar and percussion is done exceptionally well. I'm not sure if I heard a flange in there, probably not. Anyways this song is amazing 9.5/10.
  5. Being depressed like I am, any Final Fantasy song will get to you. And I'd have to say this one got to me. Heh..
  6. Ahh another one of JAXX's soft and beutiful pieces.. I think this would make a awsome song in the game itself. Another great piece by JAXX!
  7. Ahh the good ol' theme from the two Secret of Manas.. Good choice to make them both loop back into one of each other! This is an awsome song, and I suggest it to ANYONE!
  8. My brother is biting me to get off the computer, so I'll make this breif.. This is a really great song, nice beat to it, and if you played SD3(Secret of Mana 2), you'd love this as much as I did. Thats all i can really type for now.. My brother is an idiot..
  9. Heh, I myself am a big fan of the original, and when I saw it here on OC, I said " Hell, why not!" So I gathered my courage and clicked the link with all my might, and thus downloaded it.. Now I think this has a good theme to it.. It actually makes you relax, and makes you think there are Angels on the shore. This is a great song and I think alot of people that visit OC, should just stop for a couple of minutes and listen to this..
  10. Perfectly perfect.. This is amazing, sounds like someone is really playing.. This is probaly one of the best OC Remixes on here! I congradulate you on making such a fine piece of music.. Its sorta late here now, and I shall be taking my rest. So I'll get a good night's rest and wake up tomorrow to some more school.. Anyways Bye!
  11. This is going to be a breif review since I got to walk my dog in a minute, I really liked this mix, considering, I just woke up, and I hate music in the morning.. Anyways the beginning was absolutely amazing.. But like most songs, good beginnings usually don't last.. But when I said, " Ahh it better not go on like this!", well I was wrong, it went on and instead of Piano, it played guitar, which was unexpected, GREAT job man!
  12. I found this probaly one of my all time favs on OC! It was constructed VERY well, and sounds like someone really is playing! You don't find this in many songs, and I love how JAXX did this one, very rockin' and not that loud at the same time.. Its a good combination when you have a good theme to it..
  13. Personally I absolutely LOVED the beginning, gave ya a good feeling, and thats the first step to a good song, a parky beginning... But not to perky.. Now as I went on and listened to the rest of the song, I didn't get bored and did not want to turn it off. You also made the song change around a bit, which is best choice number two! Keeping the song the same the whole way through would of been a bad choice.. And Finally good choice number 3 was.. Keeping the song at a reasonable length.. Thus your song is probaly one of the best ones here on OC.
  14. This is from another post I deleted I'm thinking of making a Chrono Trigger remix.. I think the Lavos second battle song will be my mix.. I'll be using Fruity Loops 3.0 and wanna know where I can get more sounds and how should I make the mix..? I got the idea, I need some more ideas to advance it, cause when its done, I'll need some more things in it to make it worthy enough.. - Newfie at Work
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