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  1. Made a few edits, so I'm reviving this: 1. New mix. A bit louder (around -10rms as opposed to the -13rms mix before). 2. Took out the last little glitch thing because it still sounded bad. 3. More lows and less highs so the mix is more balanced and modern. 4. The ending is a little longer, with the sample melody jumping an octave higher. 5. Chimes are louder. Rocket Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)
  2. The sax-and-rewind loop at the end is staying in the track. I took out the 'stutters' earlier. Without that end section, this remix is boring as hell imo.
  3. I'll remove the ending if it's really that bad. I was afraid of it being the other way around. I thought it was too boring and conventional without some edits like such. And yeah for being unconventional, those edits are far from being the most bizarre moments in my music. Though I love making pop, I love going completely left of center and making something Yoko Ono level of avant garde too. Yeah, I hear that dissonance too. I'm still trying to figure it out. It's an issue with the original sample being slowed down (which slows down that tremolo thing Gameboy songs so often have) and m
  4. That's the purpose of the glitch section. I didn't want it to be conventional and smooth the entire duration of the song.
  5. Hey, thanks! I'm still trying to work on the mix. Originally, I had the sample from the original song with the white noise channel going, and the EQ shifted drastically. But now, with emulators and whatnot, I was able to mute the white noise channel, and get the same sample as just a two triangle one square lead, and get a nicer mix. EQ-ing this is hard, but I'll take your advice by turning down the high ends, and bringing the leads up more.
  6. A remix I did of the Game Corner/Lucky Number Show theme from Pokemon Gold after going to Black Oak Casino (located in the California mountains) for the first time. The original song is really energetic and fun - hyperactive almost... I decided to bring the energy down and make it more chill... Smooth jazzy if you will. Anyway, enjoy! The original: Pokemon Gold & Silver - Game Corner The remix: Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)
  7. Another 80s-influenced track. Originally meant to be a collaboration, I decided I'd finish the track myself. My vocals were really powerful here, and it really worked with the production I used. Prayer
  8. A remix I did of "Sandopolis." I kind of envision it as the "modern" mix of the song, if it were on Sonic Generations... That was the direction I was heading. The breakdown sitar melody interpolates "Sand Ruins" from Sonic Riders slightly, so I don't know whether I should include that in the remix description or not... As far as the status of the song goes, I still have some very slight tweaking I probably could do (as I'm really OCD about everything), but overall I'm happy with it. Sandopolis (Eastern Samba)
  9. "Midnight City Course" is pretty awesome! Recalls the 16-bit era sound. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the cheesy sampled instruments! "Cabriolet Cruisin'" - nice bassline!
  10. Cool song. Has a sort of walking around a village sound to it. Like old Phantasy Star music... I can't remember the song I'm thinking of or which Phantasy Star it's from, but there is a song that this reminds me of. Good work!
  11. New wave-pop song I wrote/sang/created inspired by "Exotic Ethnic" from DDRMAX. I played an electric upright bass on this. It definitely was an interesting experience. https://soundcloud.com/vanityangelfixx/arabian-night
  12. Yes. The whole thing is the title, lol. It's actually part of a trilogy of songs - a suite of sorts called "City of Love" centered around living in my home city of San Francisco. This is the 2nd part. I think this is one of the best songs I've written all year. While still being new wave-y, I also experimented with island rhythms. I think the sound comes from the saturated analog mix and the reverby/delay-y-ness of the mix and vocals. I know it's not proper mixing, but it works for this song, and I'm not changing it. City Of Love - Golden Gate Pt. 2 "Love On the Run"
  13. I love steel drums, and the vocals are wonderful I love the arrangement you've done to the song. It's not a piano cover or guitar cover. It's really original. Good work!!
  14. Cool remix! Reminds me of 1990s stuff. It's not too liberal. I think arrangement is what remixes should be. Following the original arrangement is a cover to me. The part between 2:47-3:25 it's way too loud. I think lowering the crash would help with that. It's a really great remix though. Great job!
  15. BUMP: So, I worked out some of the pressing mix issues. I am just learning about mixing currently. This would be something I would take to an engineer, but I'm too broke, lol. Hopefully, it sounds better. Still some work to go probably. I have a lot of problems with the source tracks being recorded too loud. Also compressed a little less, allowing the track to breathe more. The fade out drop issue is caused by a mechanical error on my part on the original. I couldn't fix it. I cut the drum track too soon, and the vocals are actually phased that way, so they cut in and out of stereo naturally
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