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  1. Okay, I've battled with trying to remember my password to come out of retirement to answer this. My fiance and I live in a somewhat small town in New Mexico. We heard about the PS3 preorders at EB on Kotaku and decided to go for it. Since they were really quiet about the preorders being opened we decided to wait it out and go in around 5am. We got there at 5:30 and no one was in sight, so, we sat on the cold bench. Our EB is in the mall and we were waiting for them to open the doors so we could go in. Well, this other guy shows up and just walks right in. They open the doors earlier than I thought. Anyway, we were #2 in line. Now on to what matters, the system. We got it home yesterday and fired it up. It's amazingly quiet, I mean, you can't even hear it. The games right now are mediocre, except for one, that's Resistance: Fall of Man. That game is probably one of the best first person shooters I've had the joy of playing, but, it's extremely hard. Anyway, objectively, I believe the console will be something that's going to be -very- good later on. Right now the game lineup just isn't something to be awed with. The console itself is very nice, very well made, the graphics are excellent and I've been impressed with how well the system is so far running and the abilities it possesses. The price is a bit steep, but, if you compare it to an XBOX 360 with a similar setup, it's not much different. XBOX 360 - $400, HD-DVD Addon - $200, and Wifi Adapter - $100 you come out with $700. The thing is, with the 360, you do get a choice. The Playstation Store is a bit clunky and I'm confident that they will end up redesigning it sooner or later. Also, while you download from it you can't do anything else (the 360 was this way until MS patched it, I have a feeling Sony will follow suit). I think that if you really want one now then there is nothing wrong with buying it now, if you can get your hands on it. I do however think that I would have rather went ahead and waited until there were a few more games to play, but, I can deal with having it now, in fact, I've already got everything in place to install Linux on it. Good system, will be great later, super quiet, lots of fun. It just lacks the game library that it will no doubt have later.
  2. I know that someone already posted about this problem, but I couldn't find a clear answer. When I render my mp3 it has pops and static. It seems he solved his problem, so maybe someone could help me out also? EDIT: Also, when I render the volume is a bit high, even though I changed it in fruity loops. Anyway to normailize it in the render?
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